Investments | October
October ends with €120M invested in a total of 42 operations in startups

Once again, in October the €100 million mark in investment in startups was exceeded, in a total of 42 public operations, a new monthly record for operations in the year. 2020 has already seen an accumulated €843M investment in startups and approaches the €1,000 million mark. If it is surpassed, it would be the third consecutive year in which this amount has been exceeded.

Investments | Investments
aptaTargets closes a second financing round of 5 million euros

Founded in 2014, aptaTargets span-out from Aptus Biotech, an aptamer technology platform. AptaTargets strated a drug development program, in collaboration with the Complutense University and the Ramón y Cajal University Hospital. In 2017, Caixa Capital Risc and Inveready Asset Management, venture capital funds specialized in biotechnology, completed the first  financing round for the company (2.7 million euros).