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Fintech Cobee closes €2.1m pre-Series A round

Cobee is the first European digital platform that allows management of employee benefits in a simple, effective, fully automated way. With Cobee, organisations have a simple system to offer different benefits and products to their employees (meals, transport, nursery, medical insurance, etc.).

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FlipSimply is an inventory crowd-financing platform that connects small producers with investors to finance manufacturing

FlipSimply is a €1.8M inventory crowd-financing platform connecting small producers with investors to finance manufacturing. It isn’t equity or lending, it is an investment that returns the amortization and interest in % of the turnover of the financed firm.

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Unnax is the provider of Open Banking solutions in Spain

Unnax is a provider of Open Banking solutions that, through its APIS portfolio, allows companies to obtain user banking data, it also enables the payment process and moves money in an intelligent way.

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Loonfy makes any day a payday: the simple and intuitive payroll advanced

Loonfy is a fintech that has burst strongly into the financial market and is presented as a service to solve an underlying problem in work environments: the loss of trust in the brand image and values of companies.

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Fintech bnc 10 closes a Bridge Round of over 1 millions of euro and hits more than 10,000 users in three months

Bnc10, the first local alternative to traditional banking, closed a 1 millions of euro bridge round this December. Over 50 investors participated in the financing operation. This round will allow the Barcelona Fintech to speed up the development of its app with new services and disruptive technologies that will help its clients to manage, share […]

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Coinscrap, winner of the first El Referente magazine awards 2019

Coinscrap, the startup that allows its users to save by rounding up their transactions, has won the first edition of the El Referente magazine awards 2019. José Torrego, director of the publication, assured during the award ceremony that these awards were a “necessary for the ecosystem and that El Referente had the obligation to organize […]

Investments | Fintech raises 1,15 millions of euro in a round of funding

The Spanish fintech StudentFinance, has raised an investment round of 1,150,000 euros, to consolidate the educational financing system based on the “Income Shared Agreement”. The company will use this capital to build a technological data infrastructure that provides a platform to its partner schools to offer this new financing model. According to the company “It […]

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Declarando, the platform that helps the self-employed to pay their taxes

Declarando is a platform that helps Spanish self-employed to avoid certain errors when paying taxes. These workers pay around 4,000 euros more per year in taxes than they should, as they deduct fewer expenses than they are actually entitled to in their quarterly VAT returns. With Declarando, a self-employed person keeps his accounts, makes invoices, presents […]

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GOIN, the financial startup with which to operate in markets such as Bitcoin

Goin, a platform focused on financial savings, was created in 2018 with the objective of “helping the millennial generation save”, as explained by the company’s founders, David Ruidor Gabriel Esteban and Carlos Rodríguez. Goin’s project focuses on “helping users from the moment they set a goal until they have it in their hands, e.g. an […]

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Bnext, manages the user’s economy with a single application

Bnext, its based on a marketpalce of financial, insurance and travel-related products, all managed through a single account. The financial company also works with an electronic money institution regulated by the Bank of Spain.