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Eccocar, the platform that has developed the technology that turns any traditional vehicle into a connected one

Eccocar has developed one of the most advanced technologies in the market with the objective of generating shared mobility services. This team of professionals that make up Eccocar, Ivan Luarca, Daniel Díaz, José Manuel González and Fernando Martín, explain that Eccocar’s project is aimed towards the development of solutions to better manage electric vehicle fleets

Startups | Marketplace
Freightol, the transport 4.0 tool that allows companies to trade, purchase, reserve and buy transport fleets

Freightol is a 4.0 transport tool that allows companies to list their air, maritime, land or courier shipments, obtaining a booking in seconds with all the options available and purchase the offer that best suits their needs based on price or delivery time.

Startups | Fintech
Creditoh! the platform that accompanies the user in mortgage management until signature

Creditoh! is a fintech specialized in mortgage brokerage. The objective with which this financial platform was created is to achieve the best financing solutions for the purchase of a home, managing each client in a personalized manner and it is completely independent from financial institutions.

Startups | future Technologies
WiTrac, the smart solution for monitoring and managing products and processes in real time

Witrac helps companies be more efficient and competitive through innovative technological solutions that connect and provide visibility, traceability and total control of the supply chain.

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