Inlab Digital, a solution that purchases digital advertising space

Inlab Digital is a technological solution that purchases digital advertising space. The objective is to find the most efficient way possible to find the right user for each advertiser, thus maximizing their advertising investment. To do this, Inlab Digital has a tool that allows brands that want to promote themselves through Inlab Digital to communicate […]

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Startup University Ventures, an example of how to promote and create an entrepreneurial community in a comprehensive way

Startup University Ventures is an accelerator and venture builder that invests in seed and early-stage startups aligned with the latest technological trends. The institution was founded in 2010 at the heart of the University of Berkeley, California, and a year later it was established in Spain under the direction of Ángel L. Samartino. Since then, […]

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SUOP, the first telecommunications operator based on collaborative economy

The collaborative mobile operator Suop has launched a new service that allows users to contract additional lines at half price. In this sense, users can add extra lines, up to four, with 3 GB and unlimited calls for €3.99 per month, when the usual cost of this plan is €7.99. The discount implemented by the […]

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GoHub Accelerator kicks off its second edition with six startups that boost sustainable industrial digitization

GoHub,  Global Omnium’s open innovation has incorporated six new deep tech startups into the second edition of its acceleration program, which is distinguished by a completely tailored approach to each company and personalized accompaniment throughout the process. Following the success of the first GoHub Accelerator call developed in 2020, more than 800 startups from all over Spain and from different countries in Europe have […]

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Influencity, the software that develops Influencer Marketing campaigns

Influencity is a startup that uses a software to analyze millions of influencers to develop Influencer Marketing campaigns in a powerful and effective way. The company was founded in 2014 by Daniel Sánchez (CEO) and Clara Montesinos (Communication Director), who created the concept as a “meeting place” for influencers. Influencity was created from the idea […]

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Chronoshare, the marketplace that connects customers and local service professionals with up to four free quotes

Chronoshare is a marketplace that connects clients and local service professionals and offers them up to four free quotes, along with the possibility of expanding the client portfolio, respectively. Local services on demand are those that range from home renovations, personal training, cleaning, moving, to events and personal care. Founded in 2012, Chronoshare was started […]

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Finutive, the benchmark online consultancy for startups

What is Finutive? It is an online consultancy for all types of entrepreneurs that specializes in startups that is revolutionizing the ecosystem of consultancy companies in Spain. Thanks to its digitalization and its own platform, Finutive allows routine and daily tasks to be carried out in a much shorter time so that both consultants and […]

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