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Innovation in packaging, key to the agrifood industry

New EU regulations state that by 2030, all packaging on the EU market must be reusable or recyclable in an economically viable manner.  They also stipulate the percentages of plastic that different packaging must contain, while banning plastic carrier bags. These measures have provoked various reactions, including protests from the food industry. This is why, […]

Three Spanish companies triumph in the final of the European Institute of Innovation and Technology awards for their solutions to water shortages

The winners of the international ‘Water Scarcity’ programme to find innovative solutions to water scarcity in southern Europe have been announced. The initiative is coordinated by EIT Food, with the participation of EIT Climate-KIC, EIT Digital and EIT Manufacturing, together with other partners such as Athena Research and Bioazul. After the 20 selected companies have […]

20 innovative companies will compete for several prizes of up to 30.000 euros with their solutions to water scarcity

Water scarcity is one of the main challenges that the South of Europe faces, both today and in the long term. Entrepreneurship and innovation are key to face it – that’s why the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT) launched the ‘Water Scarcity’ program last June. The objective: to support the development of innovative […]

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“Seedbed Pre-Accelerator can provide all the relevant resources that a startup needs to launch successfully”

José Ignacio Velasco y Farayde Matta are the founders of Bio2coat, a startup that develops and produces edible food coatings, made entirely from natural sources, which are applied to preserve and extend the shelf life of food. It is a colorless, fragrance-free, flavorless thin coating that can be consumed together with the food product without […]

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EIT Food will reward SMEs and startups that work in the value chain of the olive sector in Southern Europe

EIT Food will collaborate with the Juan Ramón Guillén Foundation Awards, with the aim of including a new European category. The new prize is called New Business Ideas Transforming the Olive Value Chain Award and it is focused on startups and SMEs working along the value chain of the olive sector in Southern Europe.

Ecosystem | Open Calls
EIT Food will support startups that fight to cope with Water Scarcity in Southern Europe

The European consortium EIT Food, will select a total of 30 startups -presented in Italy, Greece and Spain- that seek to cope with water scarcity. The call, which will be held for the first time this year, is already opened and ends the 7th June.

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EIT Food invites women entrepreneurs to a new support programme for the agrifood sector

The EWA initiative (Empowering Women in Agrifood) seeks to find solutions to the issues of the food system and support new projects, as well as to revert the current statistics: only 28% of the women in this sector have top positions in agricultural and livestock farms. A gap that could widen after the Covid-19 crisis.

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European consortium EIT Food is looking for the 60 most innovative startups in the agri-food sector to help accelerate their growth

European consortium EIT Food is looking for 60 groundbreaking startups in the agri-food sector in Europe to help them grow and give them an international boost. The EIT Food Accelerator Network (FAN) programme has launched its third edition with the aim of giving fledgling companies the opportunity to stand out in the European market.

Ecosystem | Accelerators
European consortium EIT Food is looking for innovative agri-food ideas for their incubator in Spain

European consortium EIT Food has launched Seedbed 2020, a programme to boost new agri-food companies. With this intensive six-month programme, EIT Food wants to train new companies so they can turn their projects into viable companies with a future.