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Flower delivery start-up Colvin raises 14 millions of euro Series B

Colvin, the company that is leading the revolution in the flower and plant sector by creating the first network without intermediaries in the industry, has closed a Series B financing round worth €14M.

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K Fund launches new €70m fund to focus on early stage Spanish companies and unveils K Founders

K Fund launches new 70 millions of euro fund to focus on early stage Spanish companies and unveils K Founders, a pre-seed program to back entrepreneurs at the idea phase

Investments | Biotech
QIDA closes a €3.6M financing round led by Creas Impacto, Ship2B and Bolsa Social to continue transforming the homecare industry in Spain

QIDA, a social impact company aimed at first, improving the quality of life and care of chronic and dependent patients living at home and second, at training the collective of caregivers, has closed a financing round of 3.6 million euros, led by Creas, a pioneer Spanish social impact fund.

Investments | Future Technologies
Voicemod raises 8 millions dollars in Series A financing round to bring voice avatar personalization and gaming experiences

Voicemod, the world’s leading audio avatar company, announced today the close of an 8 millions of dollar Series A led by BITKRAFT Ventures. Voicemod’s vision is to enable gamers and content creators to find their true voice by providing immersive audio experiences via personalized voice avatars.

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Investment is reactivated in June: 109 millions of euro invested in Spanish startups

June ended with a new record in the number of public investment operations in the startup sector:41 (if we count the 12 investments made by TheVentureCity in the first half of the year), which accumulate a total of €109 million invested in startups in Spain.

Startups | Fintech
Taclia, the repair and maintenance’s solution for customers and Venture Capital closes its second investment round

Taclia, the multiservice company focused on the repair and maintenance of multicenter clients (retailers, hotels, insurance, etc.), gets the support of THCap and a Family Office on its second round of investment.

Investments | Insurtech
Livetopic closes an investment round of 500.000 euros with Medicorasse as lead investor

Livetopic, an Insurtech benchmark based in Galicia and Madrid, confirms it by closing an investment round of 500,000 euros with the support of Medicorasse (Grup Med)and the granting of a CDTI–NEOTEC project.

Investments | Insurtech
Emérita Legal closes their second investment round of 260.000 euros despite quarantine

Emérita Legal dedicated to the analysis of judicial data with AI technologies, has managed to close a new round of investment for 260,000€ in the midst of the Covid-19 crisis and in little more than 1 month.

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TheVentureCity has invested more than one million euros through its Growth Program in the first half of 2020

TheVentureCity, the new investment and acceleration model that helps diverse founders achieve a global impact, continues its pace of investment and bets on 11 startups for its Growth Program in this first half of 2020.

Investments | Future Technologies
Kymatio closed a 725.000 euros financing round with the entry of Sabadell and JME Ventures

Kymatio, the SaaS platform that enables the management of cyber risk for employees, has increased its first round of investment by 40% to accommodate two new partners, Banco Sabadell BStartup and the JME Ventures fund.