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Lingokids raises $40M for its early learning platform

Lingokids, a leading early learning platform, today announced $40M USD in funding. Launched in 2016, Lingokids is the playlearning™ app for children between 2 and 8 years old, helping more than 30 million families to expand their children’s vocabulary, improve their literacy and STEM skills, and develop important social and emotional skills in a fun, […]

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October ends with €120M invested in a total of 42 operations in startups

Once again, in October the €100 million mark in investment in startups was exceeded, in a total of 42 public operations, a new monthly record for operations in the year. 2020 has already seen an accumulated €843M investment in startups and approaches the €1,000 million mark. If it is surpassed, it would be the third consecutive year in which this amount has been exceeded.

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Edtech startup Lingokids lands $10 million in funding to alleviate COVID-19’s impact on education

The Series B round is led by international Games and Puzzles Publisher Ravensburger,  with over 100 years of experience in playful development