Banzzu, a software that gives restaurants their own app/web and full delivery service


Banzzu, the tool for restauranteurs who want to place order and build customer loyalty online easily and without paying any commissions, offer a complete service to its users.

This digital solution accelerated by Minerva, powered by Vodafone and the Regional Government of Andalusia, also includes other functionalities such as the possibility of booking a table online, interactive digital menu, ordering from the restaurant table without having to wait to be served by the waiter, online payment, exclusive online offers and personalised notifications. It also has a reward points system for customer loyalty.

“Banzzu is the first hospitality software for customer loyalty. It is an easy-to-integrate and 100% customisable technology that digitises a restaurant in a simple way and increases the average ticket per order and table turnover by up to 30%” reports Iván Santiago, CEO of Banzzu.

Banzzu already has more than 450 affiliated restaurants in Barcelona, Madrid, Valencia and Seville; and several strategic agreements with different Spanish restaurant chains, such as Sloppy Joe’s in Andalusia.