BooBoo, the first 100% digital logistical operator, capturing more than 400 euros through


BooBoo, the first 100% digital logistical operator optimized with Artificial Intelligence, successfully closed an investment round through and managed to receive over-financing.

The launch of the BooBoo’s investment round through, the leading Equity Crowdfunding platform, has generated a great interest among investors, signifying another step in innovation in the logistics sector of our country.

The logistics sector has always been very attractive to the investment world, in BooBoo’s case, uniting scalability and innovation within a 100% digital logistics operator increases investor interest. This mix creates a unique project, with a value proposition completely different to that of the competition, since there is no other platform capable of performing so many integrated and hyperconnected services in real time.

The investment round initially asked for €350, has been overfunded, reaching €430, indicating the large interest generated in the investment community on the platform.

BooBoo was created with the aim of solving the visible problem of a lack of collaboration and communication between different actors within the transport and logistic services, both of which have a direct impact on time and cost for consumers.

Juanmi, CEO of BooBoo, stated the following after the closing of the investment round: “We were looking for another vision and development support for BooBOO and its capital structure in addition to what our current VC offered; we relied on as our retail partner and we are very grateful for the response the project has had among platform investors. It has been a real success. We were optimistic in terms of our perception as a company in the retail investor market but the reality has far exceeded expectations, now we need to grow!”

BooBoo will allocate 80% of the funds collected from the investment round to business development and commercialization on a platform scale. The remaining 20% of capital will be allocated to improving the operating structure, and to maintaining sustainable and balanced growth over time.