Cleverea, the neo insurer with a clear objective: to be the brand of reference in terms of personal insurance


Cleverea defines itself as a neo insurer with a clear objective: to be the brand of reference in terms of personal insurance (motorbike, car, home, life, pets, etc.). The company focuses on a user profile that looks for an exceptional level of service in its insurance that it already receives in other areas (Glovo, Cabify, BNeXT, Netflix, Holaluz, Pepephone, etc.).

The founders always affirm that Cleverea does three things: they make insurance, they sell insurance, and they manage insurance and its claims.

The first part, making, is key. Thus, the members of the startup like to “get their hands dirty” and design and create their own insurance. “We make pricing models, underwriting models, manage fraud, write the policy, design the contracting process, the claims process, etc.”, they specify.

The second part, selling, refers to how they make themselves known and obtain new clients. In this sense, they have two models: the direct model, selling through the website; and the indirect model, through partners (shops, dealers, airlines, real estate agencies, brokerages, etc.).

Finally, the third part: management, the raison d’être of insurance (especially in relation to claims). At Cleverea, they like to design insurance that has simple claims processes, and they seek to provide a level of service so good that it relieves their policyholders in their worst moments.

In general, they are firm believers that the key to success lies not in making a huge improvement at one point, but in incremental improvements at many points in the life of an insurer and a policyholder. From the design of the coverages to the wording of the policy. From customer service to the claims process.


Cleverea was officially founded at the end of June 2019. And it was created out of the personal and professional restlessness of three flatmates and friends who saw in the insurance sector a sector that had fallen behind the rest. The change in an industry that represents 6% of the world’s GDP and is a service to society of immense value was more than necessary for them.

Cleverea, moreover, was created out of the personal conviction of each of the founders that to revolutionize an industry it is necessary to be clueless about that industry. To have no prejudices. No fear of asking obvious questions. And, above all, not to be afraid to be wrong.

With this belief, Cleverea has become an insurance player that differentiates itself from others in a number of ways:

  • Better products. They create insurance products that, for them, “are simply better than those of traditional operators”. All their products are 100% digitized throughout the entire customer journey. From learning about an insurance product, getting a quote or managing a policy, to filing claims and following up on them or using value-added services.
  • It can all happen online on any device. In addition, their policyholders can easily customize their insurance products by adjusting coverages, limits, deductibles, policyholder information, etc. Not only at the time of purchase but also during the life of the policy. Products can be canceled at any time and paid monthly instead of annually.
  • Rapid iteration and go-to-market process. “Having developed eight insurance products in a year and a half has taught us a lot about insurance product development,” Cleverea stresses.
  • Now, they insist, they have the tools, processes, experience, and teams in place to develop and iterate insurance products faster than any other company: “It took us 10 months to build the first product vertical (travel), 5 months to develop the second product vertical (mobility) and it will take us 3 months to launch our third vertical (home).”
  • Human and omnichannel customer service. Despite its commitment to digital, the startup is aware that insurance is based on trust, and that it is a relatively “gloomy” and difficult sector. That is why it dedicates a lot of resources to providing impeccable customer service. Its back-office is being developed in a way that allows any customer service agent to handle all the needs a policyholder might have: policy coverage adjustments, policy renewals or cancellations, filing claims, quoting insurance, changes in payment method and billing plans, etc. “We love it when our customers write, call, message via WhatsApp, or comment on social media.
  • We adapt to our customers, not the other way around,” they say.

Cleverea has been recognized as one of the Top-100 Insurtechs in the EU, by Daily Finance; as one of the 35 Spanish startups with the greatest potential, by Startups’ Oasis; and mentioned by relevant media in the Insurance world such as Oliver Wyman and Digital Insurance Agenda. Furthermore, in the context of its travel insurance, Cleverea was one of the 36 startups selected, out of more than 500, as a finalist of Hangar 51 (the accelerator of International Airlines Group – IAG).

The neo insurance company was launched with an initial investment of €60,000 by the three founders. This investment allowed them to create the corporate base, sign a CTO, and launch a first MVP.

To date, the startup has received a total of €1.7 million in funding. The majority of this funding has come from private investors (both individuals and institutional). They have also obtained an ENISA for about €200,000.

The destination of this economic capital has been, fundamentally, human capital (i.e. to create the necessary team to be able to carry out this ambitious project). The resources have also been used for offices, marketing, etc.


The consolidated startup is now facing different challenges:

  • New products. In 2021, it expects to launch several insurance products that will help complement its current offering. Specifically, it is scheduled to launch:
    • Insurance for professional use of bikes and scooters (aimed at Riders): May 2021.
    • Bike and scooter rental insurance: July 2021.
    • Non-payment of rent insurance: September 2021.
    • Insurance for homeowners: Q4/2021.
    • Home insurance for tenants: Q4/2021.
  • Boosting the brand. Now that the company has a solid base, it is keen to “make noise” and be known on a large scale.
  • Geographic expansion. One of its plans is to enter Portugal during 2021 (ideally in the summer), and Italy in 2022.
  • Insurance license. At a later stage, the brand is considering applying for its own insurance license.

Among these challenges and developments, one that has already materialized is Cleverea FianzaZero, its rental deposit replacement service.

Some time ago, the entrepreneurs responsible for Cleverea wondered what they were for, and whether there could be a better solution. And their answer is yes; that is why they have created Cleverea FianzaZero, a solution in which:

  • The tenant, instead of paying a deposit in advance, pays a monthly fee (for example, instead of a €1,000 deposit, the tenant pays a monthly fee of €7).
  • The owner is protected against the same eventualities as with a deposit (non-payment and damage).
  • The landlord can also rest assured about the solvency of his tenant. Cleverea carries out a credit and solvency validation process on all its clients. If the tenant does not pass the test, they cannot use the service.
  • Finally, Cleverea takes care of depositing the obligatory one-month deposit (if required) with the relevant regional body.