Cobertoo is committed to digital mobile insurance with a business model that covers eleven Sustainable Development Goals

Cobertoo Founders
  • Looking to global impact, Cobertoo has demonstrated a commitment to actions related to the collaborative economy.
  • This company, founded in 2019 by Ricardo Sánchez "is one of the first 100% digital insurances since the whole process can be carried out electronically; without intermediaries, without paperwork and without complications".

Cobertoo is a collaborative and social mobile insurance platform that has been launched on the digital market. Since its creation, it has demonstrated transparency and ease of contracting. Founded in 2019 by Ricardo Sánchez. “ It is one of the first 100% digital insurance companies since the whole process can be carried out electronically; without intermediaries, without paperwork and without complications”, explain the creator of Cobertoo.

Ricardo, the founder of Cobertoo, has more than 21 years of experience working in the insurance sector. For the last 14 years, he has been the director of large accounts in multinationals such as AXA and AIG. After his experience as coordinator and manager in these large companies and with the certainty that a change in the contracting models of the insurance sector was necessary, Ricardo first founded Clicksurance, a digital transformation company specializing in developing platforms for contracting digital insurance that speed up and facilitate the purchase process. In this new stage, Ricardo set up Cobertoo as an insurance policy that responds to the needs and changes in the consumption habits of society.

His partner, and CMO, Manuel Bellver has been in the digital world for more than twenty years. A computer engineer by training, Manuel has spent his entire career in the field of marketing and entrepreneurship.  After working for large multinationals in sectors ranging from banking, energy, tourism and leisure, he began his adventure in Cobertoo with the aim of contributing all his knowledge to the digitalization of a sector “where there are still many things to be done”, says this entrepreneur.

Looking to global impact, Cobertoo has demonstrated a commitment to actions linked to the collaborative economy, economic growth and responsible consumption. As a whole, the business lines that define the company are cover up to 11 of the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The platform has received various awards. On the national scene, Cobertoo has given the master class on The 15 insurance disruptions and the impact of Neo-Insurtech, with Rodrigo García de la Cruz (chairman of AEFI); it has received the award for the most innovative startup on the Spanish InsurTech scene and has been a finalist in the Impulsa de Santalucía program, among other activities.

Internationally, the platform collaborates with Insur-Space, the Mapfre accelerator; it has also been chosen by StartupBootcamp, the largest ideas laboratory in Europe, to develop an acceleration program in Amsterdam; and it has been a speaker at Insurance 3.0, the most important insurance event in the United Kingdom.


In a society where people are increasingly aware and sensitive of how their presence and consumer habits leave their mark on the world in which they live, it is essential that business models are also adapted to sustainability and share social responsibility. This is why Cobertoo allows the user to allocate part of the payment of the unused quota to the repair of mobile phones for the social cause of his or her choice.

Cobertoo manages the community’s insurance fund, the claims (repairs of broken devices and replacements of stolen ones) and returns the surplus of the insurance fund to the users and the social causes they choose.


It is not a question of investment but of time and effort dedicated to the project. The insurance sector is highly regulated and Cobertoo was created as the first collaborative insurance program in Spain. “We planned to launch Cobertoo from December 2017 and it has taken us more than two years to work out a model that fits the norm, we tried many strategies, we were present in several insurance company acceleration programs but the model was not the right fit for them”, the founders of the insurance platform tell us.

Finally, in 2020 and together with the support of Helvetia, Cobertoo was launched on the insurance market. “We are fully committed to this collaborative economy model,” says the founder. Cobertoo is one of the projects that will be in the Spanish Sandbox of Fintech and Insurtech. In addition, in terms of investment, the project has closed its first round with the impetus of the Helvetia Venture Fund, S.A. which, like the insurance company, valued the opportunity to invest in a model different to the traditional insurance sector and to see first-hand how these models are developed.

The platform’s roadmap focuses on the goals of becoming one of the first insurance options for the self-employed and transforming the sector, as well as on the implementation of a re-involution, which means simplifying processes thanks to the rise of simple and the organic solutions.