Impulsa Vision RTVE

Impulsa Vision RTVE

Impulsa Visión RTVE is the Spanish Radio and Television Corporation accelerator.

Impulsa Visión RTVE is the Spanish Radio and Television Corporation accelerator. An initiative to support innovative entrepreneurship in the audiovisual sector. The program for startups is directed by Esteban Mayoral Campos, Javier Sánchez Pérez and Óscar Baza Moreno, and is aimed at freelancers and recently created micro-SMEs with practical and innovative ideas. So far, the program has held five editions and soon will begin the sixth. Some of the startups that have participated are Teltoo, FilmMarket Hub, Zapiens and Golumi.

Impulsa Visión was created in 2015 in response to the need detected by the RTVE Corporation to incorporate talent, promote the exchange of knowledge and boost entrepreneurship and innovation in emerging business projects in the Spanish audiovisual sector.  It is a program that breaks the logic of the classic supplier-customer relationship, as well as the participation in the capital of the startup, and goes beyond the mere action aimed at CSR.

The platform offers all its support, means and the more than 60 years of experience of RTVE to the selected projects. These projects receive economic funding, working spaces and resources, institutional support, tutoring and training by RTVE professionals to accelerate and promote their startup. The program includes all the communication sections. From the audiovisual sector, Radio, Television, such as RTVE Digital, through the WEB and Networks.

Impulsa Visión RTVE Startups is an initiative with a vertical design aimed at investing in innovative and disruptive proposals in the fields of technology, content and/or business organization and management applied to the audiovisual sector. The proposal is based on a “win-win” model whereby both parties benefit from working together.