Indexa Capital

Indexa Capital is the leading independent investment manager in Spain, with more than €500 million managed from more than 26 thousand clients, growing by +110% in 2020. It offers its clients portfolio management services for indexed funds, indexed pension plans and EPSV (Basque pension plans) with global diversification and costs that are on average 80% lower than those of banks (and lower costs means higher profitability). Indexa also offers life insurance, in collaboration with Caser, with probably the cheapest premium on the market.

Indexa was also created in 2015 by Unai Ansejo, François Derbaix and Ramón Blanco. Currently, its activity is limited to Spain and it has closed three investment rounds with which it has obtained €2.6 million, which have been invested by Cabiedes & Partners, Viriditas, Fides Capital, All Iron, Pedro Luis Uriarte, Manuel Conthe and Luis M Viceira, among others, as well as by the 3 founders.

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Indexa Capital is the first profitable independent automated investment in Europe

Indexa Capital is the leading automated investing platform in Spain with more than 262 million Euros of managed assets. Indexa combines an investment management service (investment funds portfolios and index pension plans portfolios and Voluntary Social Benefit Entities (EPSVs)) with a customized financial planning service.

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Indexa Capital, making the most of their clients’ portfolio

Indexa Capital is a Securities Agency authorized and supervised by the National Securities Market Commission. As the leading online investment management service in Spain, it is specialized on indexed management. They manage their clients’ portfolios and help them invest on index funds with low fees.