Entrepreneurs from Granada revolutionize the housing rental market in times of Covid


Entrepreneurs from Granada create Rumie in the middle of COVID, a project with the aim of digitalising the housing rental process through a 100% online booking platform, which avoids face-to-face visits and avoids scams.

This platform, supported by the Minerva Programme of the Regional Ministry of Economic Transformation, Industry, Knowledge and Universities and Vodafone, is for remote rentals. Users can take virtual tours of the flats through high definition videos, photos and floor plans to have a complete experience without the need to visit in person because RUMIE’s local agents visit the properties personally before publishing them on the web. In addition, with RUMIE you can pay in instalments.

“As we all know, moving from one place to another involves many challenges, finding a room or an apartment to stay in is never easy, especially if you are not familiar with the city, the country of the language. Saving time and money during this process and avoiding scams, is Rumie’s main goal. Now we add the need to do as much paperwork as possible online in order to avoid social contact”, explains Antonio Fernández, CEO of Rumie.

Rumie visits the property for you and processes the entire booking 100% online with no agency fees.

The startup began its journey in the city of Granada in July 2020 with an initial offer of 150 properties. Despite the uncertainty that existed due to the spread of the pandemic, Rumie managed to make 40 rentals in its first weeks of life; thus, becoming the leading rental platform in the city.

Rumie already has more than 500 properties in Granada and is preparing to expand to other provinces of Andalusia and attract other consumer sectors such as young professionals or the so-called digital nomads.