Felix Capital doubles size of funds under management to over $1.2bn, closes 4th fundraising at $600m

Felix team

Felix Capital (“Felix”) today announces a $600m fundraising, the 4th since Felix’s inception in 2015, exceeding its initial $500m target. This new fundraising doubles Felix’s total committed capital to over $1.2bn and further validates its strategy and vision of building a top tier investment firm for the Creative Class.

With these new funds, Felix plans to back another 20-25 companies over the next couple of years across Europe and selectively in North America. Felix is well positioned to continue to get exposure to cultural shifts and emerging consumer needs, with a focus on early stage and the flexibility to invest thematically at growth stages as well. Felix will continue to grow its exposure to Web3, a new platform for creativity, community, and of course entrepreneurship. The urgency to live a more sustainable lifestyle will be a central theme for the Felix portfolio, in line with the firm’s mission to partner with founders who want to have a positive impact on the world.

“Felix was established with the vision that the rapid transformation of consumers’ behaviour represented a massive opportunity and needed focus”, said Frederic Court, Felix’s Founder & Managing Partner. “Since then, we have built a portfolio in line with that strategy, backing emerging and culturally relevant consumer brands, as well as related enabling technologies that support them. We are proud of the growing community of founders who have trusted us, as we expanded our thematic lens across the transformation of the key segments of our personal and professional lives.”

The pandemic accelerated the adoption of more digital lifestyles, across people’s personal and professional lives. It reinforced Felix’s thesis and the opportunity to invest in the transformation of the customer journey, across trusted brands, platforms, and related enabling technologies. Felix invests within every key aspect of people’s personal lives (including food, shopping, health, wellness, personal finance, entertainment, communication, or gaming), and increasingly around the transformation of their professional lives, with new software tools addressing the modern workforce’s needs.

Felix’s select investments include trusted brands such as Mejuri (jewellery), YFood (nutrition), Highsnobiety (media), Everdrop (sustainable CPG), ANINE BING (fashion), platforms such as Moonbug (kids entertainment), TravelPerk (travel), SellerX (Amazon brands), and enabling technologies and software such as Mirakl (eCommerce SaaS), Lightspark (payments), Juni (SMB banking), and Peppy (health). Felix’s growth strategy is to reinvest significantly into its existing portfolio at key growth inflection points, and into external companies within its core themes such as Forter (payments), Ledger (Web3) and Sorare (gaming).

David Marcus (ex Meta and Paypal), co-founder and CEO at Lightspark, a Felix portfolio company, noted: “Felix Capital brings an innovative approach to capital investment, and for over a decade I have valued their focus, commitment, and partnership. They are exceptional in supporting founders, with deep expertise and resources, and are fearless in supporting visionary ideas. I am sure these new funds will continue to build on that strong heritage.”

Noura Sakkijha, co-founder and CEO of Mejuri, the leading jewellery brand backed by Felix since Series A, added: “Felix’s deep understanding of brand-building has been very valuable. They realise that building a brand is about art and science, and that it takes time. Running a consumer-centric modern brand implies mastering multiple channels, both online and in real life, for which we can tap into their expertise and network.”

With these new funds, Felix will remain committed to its way of practising venture capital, applying a thematic approach, and making conviction-driven, founder-centric investments. Felix’s culture is profoundly team-based, with collaborative decision-making (no votes), and active team support for all the portfolio companies. Joining Felix are two new experienced investors, María Auersperg de Lera and Sophie Luck, and three new advisors, Maria Raga (Depop CEO), Musa Tariq (senior marketer at brands such as Apple, Nike, Ford, and Airbnb) and Branko Milutinović (founder and CEO of gaming company Nordeus), all with exceptionally relevant backgrounds.