Fuente la Virgen, a top producer of ham from acorn-fed pigs

Fuente la Virgen ham

Fuente La Virgen is a family-run company, where Ignacio Oriol, (third generation producer) created the brand of the Fuente La Virgen in 2010. The company ‘s name is the name of the pasture, the place where the pigs are bred. Currently, they operate in six countries in Europe: Spain, Portugal, France, Italy, Germany and Belgium. 

Fuente la Virgen combines the careful management and selection of purebred Iberian pigs within a natural and suitable environment for their breeding. The estate has a mixture of oaks, cork oaks and gall oaks. 

This ensures them the four-month fattening period that is necessary for an Iberian pig to become one of the healthiest and most delicious products in Spanish gastronomy.  Therefore, the final products that they sell, acorn-fed Iberian ham, acorn-fed Iberian shoulder ham and acorn-fed Iberian pork loin, are healthy and top quality.

In June 2015, Fuente La Virgen received the PEPF certificate, an eco-innovation and sustainability tool that guarantees the consumer that the raw material for consumer products comes from a well- managed forest according to ecological, economic and social criteria based on international requirements. 

What distinguishes them from the rest is their commitment to promoting the sustainable pasture. They sell only what the Fuente La Virgen pasturage can produce. This can only be achieved with a balanced management of natural resources. In order to always offer the best product, their hams come exclusively from the pigs they breed and fatten in their pastures. They guarantee the authenticity of what they sell, because they control all stages of production sustainabily.


In April 2013, the acorn-fed Iberian shoulder and acorn-fed Iberian ham Fuente la Virgen were awarded by the International Taste & Quality Institute (iTQi) the “Superior Taste Award”. It is the only quality seal in flavor awarded by Michelin starred opinion leaders, chefs and sommeliers. 

In addition, The Repsol Guide, backed by the experience of more than three decades supporting the best gastronomy, has included the acorn-fed Iberian Ham Fuente la Virgen in its Guide to the best non-perishable food and drinks in Spain. 

Their aims for the next months are to have their products reach more exquisite palates, to continue improving in offering their customers the exclusivity, confidence and quality that characterizes them, as well as encourage and bet on the sustainable pasture. 

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