GOIN, the financial startup with which to operate in markets such as Bitcoin

Goin Fintech startup
  • It is a free service, there is only a management fee for the investments made by users in a 100% transparent way.
  • Being a startup, it can invest more in innovation, and this business model advances faster, an advantage that some financial institutions do not have.
  • In addition to all these methods, Goin offers several forms of investment that we do not find in any financial institution, as is the case of Bitcoins.

Goin, a platform focused on financial savings, was created in 2018 with the objective of “helping the millennial generation save”, as explained by the company’s founders, David Ruidor Gabriel Esteban and Carlos Rodríguez.

Goin’s project focuses on “helping users from the moment they set a goal until they have it in their hands, e.g. an iPhone. To achieve this, we have unique methods such as ‘Round Up’, which saves by rounding all your purchases automatically, or soon the ‘Focus Groups’, which allow you to share goals with other users”, explained Ruidor, Esteban and Rodriguez.

This startup, based in Barcelona, has a team of 24 members and in its first round of funding raised 600,000 Euro. Subsequently, in the second economic activity, Goin obtained 1.6 million Euro, which was allocated to the perfection of the application, the increase in staff, the launch of new functionalities and the strengthening of the company in Spain.

In the same year of its creation, the company received several awards. The company received the “AngelHack” award, in the category of “best startup in the world in Silicon Valley”. Along with this, Goin was recognized as “the most innovative startup in Spain in 2018” by the Fintech Awards (financial startup awards). In the same vein, the company has also won a “Techstars Mention” in 2017 and the Metlife Award in 2018.

Among the services that Goin has launched there are different forms of investment that other financial institutions do not have, according to the creators. “Goin offers investment means such as Bitcoin. Being a startup, we can innovate faster and go at a speed that financial institutions cannot”, said David Ruidor Gabriel Esteban and Carlos Rodriguez.

In this way, the project is based on an installation that consists of “just connecting any bank account”, they said. And through this, the user is allowed access to the investment ecosystem.


Goin’s service is free, only a maintenance fee is charged for the investments made by the users “in a 100% transparent way”, the company’s founders pointed out.

For the future, the company has considered the monetization of the objectives achieved by users in the form of products.

In Spain, Goin has more than 230,000 users, as well as other users in Italy and other countries around the world.


After the company achieved 625,000 Euro through a venture capital manager. Goin obtained, through the launch of a second round of financing, 1.6 million dollars.

Along these lines, the current investors of the platform are (in the case of financing funds): Kfund, Encomenda, Smart Capital, Angel Club and Anthemis. The latter, according to the creators of Goin, is “one of the most recognized funds in the world and this was the first time it had invested in a Spanish startup”.

As far as individual investors are concerned, it is backed by the comedian David Guapo, Jandro from El Hormiguero, Elena García from the IESE institute, and Eddy from Hejj.