Guudjob helps companies to improve their internal communication and motivate employees

  • The project was created under the foundations of the collaborative economy and seeks to enhance the professional growth of people through reviews and opinions from their customers

The internal communication of companies is crucial for the performance of their employees and, therefore, influencing the results of the company itself. Guudjob is a Human Resources software designed to impact the employee experience. Through its platform (app and web versions) it allows to give employees a voice and promote recognition. A simple and agile communication system that promotes the motivation and productivity of professionals, since they can post ideas and participate in any open conversations, as well as like comments.

Created by Jaime Fernández de la Puente Campano and Bernardo Montero, the goal of this startup is to help professionals stand out, create memorable employee experiences, and help people-focused companies strengthen communication, recognition, and culture. At the same time, administrators can issue official communications on behalf of the company or launch segmented surveys with high response rates due to the ease of use.

Another advantage that the Guudjob platform provides companies is the fact that they can measure the work environment and the daily recognition among colleagues, aligning values to behaviors and breaking out of silos. “We know that recognition has a direct impact on motivation, productivity and team cohesion.

The lack of recognition is currently the second concern of the workers in Spain and at times like this it is more important than ever need more than ever for teams to be in tune and all going in the same direction,” explains Jaime Fernandez.


In view of the situation generated by Covid-19, Guudjob has offered companies its Internal Communication and Recognition modules free of charge for the next two months. A gesture that seeks to help companies and professionals to strengthen their motivation to work from home, without the office environment and during times marked by uncertainty.

Guudjob’s proposal and work was recognized at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona 2016, taking the award for best platform in Spain and entering the Top 10 of the best in the world.

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