IEBSchool is the business school for entrepreneurs

IEBS, the digital business school
  • IEBSchool wants to train the next generation of entrepreneurs, applying startup methodologies to teaching

In 2009, business angel and entrepreneur Óscar Fuente and financial management expert Susana López launched IEBS, the digital business school. A pioneering initiative at the time and in Spain, focused on business training applied to Innovation and Entrepreneurship.


The Business School of Innovation and Entrepreneurs – as it is called – aims to be different kind of business school, committed to training based on Innovation and Entrepreneurship. Their mission is to train future entrepreneurs, managers and business executives to lead changes and transformation in their organizations through Innovation, Entrepreneurship, Ethics and Sustainability, IEBSchool’s four pillars.


Moving away from old fashion education models, where the teacher is the protagonist and students learn how to memorize pre-established answers, IEBSchool offers differentiating value for students, with a model 100% centred on each person’s needs. It is adaptable and focused on helping students resolve questions.

Their objective is to help students enhancing their ability to innovate and launch businesses, supporting their projects from start to end. IEBschool applies the same methodologies of a startup, addressing the client’s needs and transforming the value chain in what remains a very conservative sector.

The project was supported by Seedrocket, Aefol, RRHHmagazine and MFT, and Oscar Fuente. To launch the company 50,000 euros were needed. Since then however, they have not yet had the need to call any other rounds of funding, thanks to their successful operation. Over the past nine years more than 65,000 students have passed through the school, paying for learning services (IEBschool’s source of income). Its services are offered at both B2C and B2B levels.


IEBS has won several awards. It has been nominated the second-best online business school in Spanish language by the iberoamericano ranking, the best new business school in Spain by CSIC ranking and it is among the top three most innovative profiles on the internet, according to the Fundación Española para la Ciencia y la Tecnología (FECYT) (Spanish Foundation for Science and Technology).


With offices in Spain, Colombia, Uruguay and Peru, IEBSchool has a strong presence in the Latin American market. It is also present in Portugal, where it expects to continue growing, at the same time as, it continues developing new products for the education market.

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