Inlab Digital, a solution that purchases digital advertising space


Inlab Digital is a technological solution that purchases digital advertising space. The objective is to find the most efficient way possible to find the right user for each advertiser, thus maximizing their advertising investment.

To do this, Inlab Digital has a tool that allows brands that want to promote themselves through Inlab Digital to communicate automatically with advertising space providers. In this way, they will finally find the potential consumers of these advertisers.

Alberto Amigo and Miguel Melgarejo founded the company in 2015. Then they created the concept of Inlab Digital as a trade name for Internet Laboratory Digital. “That internet laboratory is where they started to create the first pieces of code that today have given us the algorithm that makes us different,’’ say the entrepreneurs.

For them, what makes their company different is that they are “able to optimize advertising spaces in such a way that we can offer a successful purchasing model for the advertiser”.

Inlab Digital earns a commission for matching brands that want to promote themselves with advertising space across the entire digital spectrum (newspapers, entertainment sites, games, social media, Google, etc.).

The company is currently present in Spain, Colombia, and Mexico.

Inlab Digital started with the help of friends & family and Business Angel (Rolf Schmidt Holtz) with a total amount of €300.00. This is how Alberto explains it: “We did a convertible note in 2019 and the following year an additional round.  The capital was used to expand the team (sales, operations, tech, finance), a new office and commercial activity”.

The startup’s goal for the coming months is to continue with technological development, open offices in LATAM and continue growing in Spain.