MGC&Co., a boutique studio that develops personalized communications strategies

Marian, founder of MGC&Co
  • What differentiates MGC&Co. is that it is a small company that doesn’t want to grow big.
  • Working mostly with media, bloggers and influencers, MGC&CO. has two unique divisions: My PR Plan and Culture Act

MGC & Co. is a Public Relation and Talent boutique founded by Marian Gómez Campoy. It has two business lines, one dedicated to Public Relations, specialized in increasing the visibility of brands and people, creating strategic communication plans in online and offline environments, with clear business objectives.

The second line is a talent representation agency, whose goal is to facilitate the work of casting directors and producers.

MGC&Co. is Marian Gómez Campoy’s second entrepreneurial project. The journalist with a master’s degree in Commercial Direction and Marketing and PDD from Cesma Business School launched MGC&Co. in 2013 and remains its CEO.  A journalist at heart, Campoy has a vocation for business.


What differentiates MGC&Co. is that it is a small company that doesn’t want to grow big. This PR company privileges one-on-on personal relationship with every person they work with. Hence, the ‘boutique’ concept, which speaks to the intimate, rare and exceptional environment MGC&Co. offers.

Campoy, the company’s CEO, believes any business or person can benefit from PR and a good PR management. MGC&Co. was created to help businesses generate more visibility, target the right audiences and consequently increase sales. The boutique concept helps democratize PR, giving anyone the opportunity to create specific, tailor-made programs, adapted to the specific needs of clients.


MGC&CO. offers a wide range of services, including on and offline external communications, PR & Social Media, Corporate Content/Copywriting, Branded Content, Designing and Creating any kind of events and Personal Brand Plan, but what distinguishes this company from others in the sector is that it custom designs communications strategies, defining the message, tone, objectives and actions that fit the needs of each client.

Working mostly with media, bloggers and influencers, MGC&CO. has two unique divisions: My PR Plan, a program that democratizes PR, making it accessible to individual professionals seeking to increase their visibility with certain target audiences, and the Culture Act, which includes cultural-scenic and plastic interventions in events to differentiate them and generate a degree of emotional engagement with guests.


Launched with only 3000€ of own investment, MGC&Co. has not participated in any rounds of investment, neither has it received support from venture capitalists or business angels.

The company, where women hold the positions of CEO, Account Director and Creative Director, operates in Spain, but is currently working towards introducing the business in other markets. Over the next few months, MGC&Co. is planning to export the PR business model to other countries.

MGC&Co. has worked with many clients, including Brahma decoración, Work in progress, Foodora (startup), Nomad. Castilla Termal Hoteles and ESCP Europe. In the near future MGC&Co. is working towards increasing the number customers, improve quality, always remaining loyal to the boutique concept, which is the model that characterizes this successful company.

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