Nubentos closes its first round of investment led by Encomenda Smart Capital


Nubentos ends the complicated year 2020 by successfully closing its first round of investment, which allows it to face 2021 with an ambitious plan for improvement and growth.

Its software allows the entire healthcare ecosystem (hospitals, insurance companies, startups, telemedicine platforms, etc.) to integrate much more efficiently the innovations for healthcare around the world through a single point. This greatly helps them to adopt disruptive technologies in the health field, which reduces implementation times and thus accelerates the digital transformation process of the health sector.

The pre-seed round of 120,000 euros has been led by Encomenda Smart Capital, the most active seed capital fund in Spain led by Carlos Blanco and Oriol Juncosa, accompanied by a group of Business Angels with years of experience in the Digital Health sector.

Nubentos has experienced a rapid evolution in its approach and execution, as a result of its participation in the 2020 edition of the Minerva Program, with the support of the Andalusian Regional Government and Vodafone. This evolution has not gone unnoticed in the investment ecosystem, and has led to Encomenda’s interest in supporting the project from an early stage, to help it stabilize and expand the traction that the company has begun to have.

“Nubentos faces a challenging phase in which we must accelerate our sales cycle. Our goal is to strengthen our corporate and operational structure to prepare for the strong growth we expect to achieve,” says CEO and co-founder Manuel Morales.

The founding team values the incorporation of Encomenda in a very positive way, because “it allows us to continue the momentum gained in the second half of 2020, taking advantage of their enormous experience in helping projects like ours grow”.

Nubentos defines itself as a provider of “Digital Health as a service”, and offers a complete service to companies in the health sector, covering from the search for innovations in health that best fit their digital strategies, to the technological simplification of the process of integrating these solutions, in the software used by health professionals and citizens for health care.

The Nubentos platform currently has users in 60 countries, and during the first wave of the pandemic it was the world’s leading COVID-19 monitoring service for 3 months, according to the prestigious US company Apimetrics.

In October 2020 they reached an agreement with DKV Salud, and are closing similar agreements with other insurance companies, startups, telemedicine platforms, hospitals, pharmacies and technology companies in the sector.

Nubentos has been selected by the national investment and entrepreneurial ecosystem among the 25 Spanish startups to be followed in 2021.