RavenPack raises 10 million dollars from GP Bullhound to provide data and insights to financial institutions

Raven Pack and GP Bullhound
  • RavenPack raises 10 million dollars from GP Bullhound to provide data and insights to financial institutions
  • • RavenPack’s data analytics platform is used by top hedge fund and asset managers, as well as Tier 1 banks to better manage risk and enhance returns
  • • GP Bullhound is investing in RavenPack through its Fund IV, which focuses on growth stage businesses in the software, digital media, marketplaces and fintech sector

The company RavenPack has raised 10 million dolars (9 million euros) from technology advisory and investment firm GP Bullhound, as the company seeks to expand sales of its analytics platform in Asia. Part of the proceeds from the funding round will be used to go beyond financial services and developing products aimed at corporate customers.

RavenPack became a pioneer in alternative data by creating sentiment indicators derived from news and social media that plugged systematically into financial trading applications. The firm has more than 100 team members and offices in New York City and Marbella, Spain. Its first institutional funding was received in 2017. The company raised 5 million dollars from United Kingdom based venture capital firm called Draper Esprit PL. This company is one of the most active venture capital firms in Europe, developing and investing in disruptive, high growth technology companies. We believe the best entrepreneurs in Europe are capable of building the global businesses of the future

Nowadays, the company occupies an important position in leading big data analytics. It is of the enterprises that provides financial services to financial institutions. Financial professionals rely on RavenPack for its speed and accuracy in analysing large amounts of unstructured content. The company’s products allow clients to enhance returns, reduce risk and increase efficiency by systematically incorporating the effects of public information in their models or workflows. RavenPack’s clients include the most successful hedge funds, banks, and asset managers in the world.

According to Armando Gonzalez, Ceo and Co-founder of the company, “we are experiencing significant growth in demand from Asia for our unique analytical services”. Furthermore, the CEO as explained that, “global finance has reached a critical inflection point as asset owners and money managers embrace tools like machine learning and big data analysis to navigate complex and turbulent markets”.

On the other hand, about the crowdfunding, Per Roman, managing partner at GP Bullhound, has said that it is a pleasure for him to join “as a shareholder and board member in the next chapter of growth and expansion”.

His company, GP Bullhound, is a leading technology advisory and investment firm, which provides transaction advice and capital to the world’s best entrepreneurs and founders. It was founded in 1999, and currently it has offices in London, San Francisco, Stockholm, Berlin, Manchester, Paris, Hong Kong, Madrid and New York.