Enverus acquires RatedPower, a Seaya portfolio company, to accelerate the digitalization of the renewable energy industry

Enverus, the leading energy SaaS company, announced today that it has acquired RatedPower, the SaaS company developing solutions that automate and optimize the feasibility study, analysis, design and engineering of solar power plants and electrical infrastructure to maximize the potential of photovoltaic (PV) plants and reduce their Levelized Cost of Energy (LCOE). Founded in 2017 […]

ShopFully and Tiendeo join forces to create a leading international player in Drive To Store

ShopFully and Tiendeo, two of Europe’s most innovative technology companies in the Drive to Store sector, have today announced a transaction that has created a new, leading international player to further reinvent local shopping. ShopFully has acquired 100% of Tiendeo — a Spanish company specialising in the digitisation of catalogues and brochures — to create […]

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Affirm acquires the startup Returnly

Returnly is a leading provider of digital return experiences and post-purchase payments for direct-to-consumer brands. Returnly is the only return solution that lets customers get the right item before returning the wrong one. The result is a world-class shopping experience with an average consumer satisfaction score (CSAT) of 91%.

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Spacewell acquires DEXMA and places its global hub for intelligent energy management in Barcelona

DEXMA, a company that provides energy intelligence and management software, has taken a step forward in its international expansion plan by becoming the energy hub of technology firm Spacewell.

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Lingbe, the mobile language practice App that allows users to call native speakers

Lingbe, a free language practice mobile app that allows users to call native speakers instantly, is announcing its official relaunch and the company’s acquisition by italki.

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Minsait accelerates open banking business with the acquisition of the startup Afterbanks

Afterbanks unique technology, which allows banking data to be retrieved and aggregated quickly and payments to be initiated, complements Minsait’s advanced offering to the industry and extends its value proposition to financial institutions and other large payment operators around the world.

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Tiller acquires the artificial intelligence Spanish startup Beesniss

Tiller Systems, the tech company that provides a point-of-sale solution, announces the acquisition of the artificial intelligence software for merchants Beesniss. For Tiller, the purchase comes one year after a 12 million euros fundraising, plus 8 million destined to external growth like mergers and acquisitions.

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Personio acquires Spanish API-startup Rollbox and launches new payroll product offering

Personio,  the Munich based software company that offers a holistic HR and applicant management software, today announced its acquisition of Rollbox, a Spanish startup focused on building a highly scalable and automated payroll solution.

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2018 ended with 34 Spanish technology company exits

2018 ended with a total of 34 public exits, sales of technology companies founded by Spanish entrepreneurs. A much higher number than in 2017, which was only 15 exits.