The accumulated investment in Spanish startups in 2021 is €1,950m

The month of May ends with an investment in startups of more than 100 million euros, which leaves the accumulated annual investment for 2021 close to 1,950 million euros (1,949,787,168 million euros to be exact). Surprising, May is the worst month of the year with 103 million euros invested in technology in a total of […]

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Barcelona-based Digitally led Orthodontic chain Impress raises $50 million Series A to win the European market

Spain’s Impress, the new generation of orthodontic chains leading in Europe, has raised $50 million series A round. This marks the biggest ever series A round not only in Spain but also in Southern Europe. The investment round is led by CareCapital (One of the world’s largest dental foucussed PE firms) along with Nickleby capital, […]

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October ends with €120M invested in a total of 42 operations in startups

Once again, in October the €100 million mark in investment in startups was exceeded, in a total of 42 public operations, a new monthly record for operations in the year. 2020 has already seen an accumulated €843M investment in startups and approaches the €1,000 million mark. If it is surpassed, it would be the third consecutive year in which this amount has been exceeded.