TheVentureCity announces the addition of five new startups to their Growth Program in September 2020

TheVentureCity Team
  • Two startups from America (the Brazilian companies Condofy and PLIPAG) and three European companies (the German Fridai and the Spanish Wannalisn and Internxt) join the program

TheVentureCity, the new investment and acceleration model that helps entrepreneurs achieve a global impact, presented its new additions to its Growth Program last September. Five more startups will be joining the project, amounting to a total of 22 in 2020. Three do so from the EMEA division: Fridai (Germany), Wannalisn and Internxt (Spain); and two more from America: Condofy and PLIPAG (Brazil).

The new incorporations offer innovative solutions in a variety sectors including Egaming, Edutech, Cloud Storage, Proptech, and Fintech. With these additions, the investments made through the Growth Program will total 2.5 million euros.

Each startup will undergo a 5-month program mentored by experts in the relevant fields, with a strong emphasis on product, growth, engineering and data; and other key areas such as fundraising strategy, internationalization, talent/culture as well as institutions and media connections. Accepted startups also receive a $100K investment.

Ricardo Sangion, VP of Startup Growth of the Americas, highlights the great value of these additions: “We are excited to introduce such a diverse group of companies into our Growth Program. We believe every one of these companies has the potential to become a disruptor in their respective industries. It is also encouraging to see that, despite these challenging times, Latin American countries like Brazil continue to produce quality tech startups.”

TheVentureCity backs five more startups despite a challenging and uncertain environment:

  • PLIPAG. A fintech company focused on helping recurring revenue SMBs increase client satisfaction and retention. It offers client management and smart billing resources in one, modern platform, simplifying the way its merchants manage transactions and relationships.
  • Condofy reinvented the way that apartment residents, building managers, and service providers engage with their communities. They offer end-to-end Homeowner Association services through an intelligent and integrated platform.
  • Fridai is an A.I.-powered voice assistant made by and for gamers. Fridai automates all the repetitive and manual tasks that gamers perform in each gaming session, like setting up streams, recording video clips, and searching game guides, all through a friendly AI voice and a slick user interface.
  • Wannalisn. An ‘Edutainment’ solution that helps users finally understand the fast English of first language speakers. It allows them to learn the most common phrases, expressions, and phrasal verbs in spoken English through short clips from favorite movies and TV series.
  • Internxt. The first cloud storage service to provide users with total control, security, and privacy of their files. Unlike traditional providers, Internxt Drive features zero-knowledge encryption and client-side encryption, meaning that only the user can truly access their files.

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