Traspacar speeds up the process of buying and selling vehicles

  • One of the company's objectives is to end 2021 with more than 1,000 collaborations

Traspacar  is an agency specialized in processing vehicle documentation online. In 2019, the entrepreneur Jan Amat decided to set up a service, with the support of the “Full of Tradition” incubator, to facilitate and speed up the processing of documents with the DGT. This is how this company was created. The name is a combination of the words that summarize its main activity: “traspasar coches” (selling cars).

Thanks to Traspacar’s service, users can carry out procedures via the website, from the comfort of their homes and using an easy and intuitive system that allows them to complete the process in just two minutes.

At first, the company only carried out name changes online, but it has gradually expanded its services to include all vehicle-related documentation procedures. To this end, it has a professional team of managers specializing in the field, as well as Digital Marketing professionals who work to offer the best possible user experience and design a user-friendly and mobile-first service.

Along with professionalism and user experience, the company prioritizes providing quick and affordable solutions, within the existing offers in the sector. “At the General Directorate of Traffic, there are long queues, meaning that a lot of time is lost. Also, they do not specify the required documentation, so on many occasions it means people have to make several trips there and both parties get angry,” explains Jan Amat.

In addition to the B2C service, since January 2020, Traspacar has also provided support for administrative managers who cannot physically attend to customers for a vehicle sale or purchase. The company already works with half a dozen administrative agencies throughout Spain and its more than 200 clients include self-employed people, workshops, dealers, sales companies, driving schools and even lawyers, who sell their clients’ vehicles every day. In addition, the company has created a sales team, made up of three people, which is focused on supporting and growing this channel of companies and which uses promotional strategies such as discount codes for this type of client.


One of the company’s objectives is to end 2021 with more than 1,000 collaborations. To achieve this, it has successfully closed several financing agreements. First in 2019 with a round of private investment where it obtained €166,000, and later, in 2020, receiving a participative loan from ENISA for a value of €150,000 and closing another round for more than €204,000. The investors supporting the company include two family offices, a group of dealers and a media group.

The company closed 2019 with a turnover of €220,000 and positive EBITDA, and by 2020 it expects to exceed €600,000 despite the impact of the Covid-19 and the drop in vehicle sales. “We are growing at a rate of more than 10% per month”, states its founder, Jan Amat.

In addition to the consolidation in the vehicle sales and purchase market in Spain, Traspacar is considering expanding the insurance channel and expects to exceed €2 million in turnover in 2021. “There are currently more than 4 million vehicle sales and purchases in the Spanish market each year, so it is a market with a lot of potential. Traspacar wants to make this difficult process easier for thousands of people every month,” concludes Amat.