Will the virtual SIM card or eSIM end international roaming?

Frequent travelers, who need to be connected all the time, know about the high price of international roaming. 

To find a solution for those expensive prices and unexpected invoices, plenty of providers have created solutions like international SIM cards or the new eSIM.

This has motivated companies to offer cellular connectivity solutions for any international destination. Moreover, these solutions are not expensive, at least not like international roaming services. 

That’s how these alternatives have become more popular, offering a simple internet connection for frequent travelers. 


Initially, the market began offering traditional prepaid SIM cards, which provide the possibility of connecting to the networks of the best cellular operators in the area, just like local SIM cards. 

Then, technological advances created the eSIM card. A digital SIM card that works like the traditional SIM card, offering cellular data and voice calls. 

However, the main difference is that the eSIM card is already implanted in compatible smartphones, allowing you to use the SIM card and the eSIM at the same time! With this you configure your cellphone to consume cellular data from the virtual SIM card. 

With other advantages, the eSIM card is currently known as the new alternative to avoid international roaming. 


With so many perks and advantages like instantaneous delivery, regardless of where you are, effortless data plan purchase, and immediate activation, have brought the eSIM to the stage as one of the most popular options from cellular connectivity abroad. Not only that, but all this without having to wait for a plastic card to arrive at your house or having to visit a physical point of sale store, have made this technology the traveler’s favorite option. 

You can acquire the eSIM card at the airport if you we’re able to purchase it beforehand. Since it is a virtual device, you also won’t have to worry about losing it or breaking it because it is essentially intangible code on your cellphone. 

And, if you compare it with international roaming, the eSIM advantages are more notable. Even though international roaming lets you use your cellphone abroad without having to change the settings, or replace your SIM card, its price is very high. 

Even with the possibility that roaming offers to connect to the cellular networks of local operators, its prices are particularly expensive, especially when cellular data is used in countries outside the European Union.


The eSIM also makes it easier for users to change the operator and sign up for cellular services with local companies when traveling abroad, without the need for a minimum clauses or other types of contracts.

Furthermore, with the eSIM card the process of changing the operator, domestic or foreign, is completely virtual, through cellular apps and from your cellphone’s settings. And the customer does not have to manipulate any plastic chip. 

Another characteristic that makes the eSIM card better than roaming, is that you can use it as a multi-SIM. In other words, the user keeps one data plan with the same number and cellular data, distributed on devices such as cellphones, tablets, or smartwatches.

Travelers won’t have to change the domestic SIM card for a SIM card from their destination if the user picks this alternative to connect to the internet. 

Finally, the eSIM card is so comfortable and simple, that makes it a great option. It has been proved that the usage of the eSIM card has reduced plastic pollution, CO2 emissions, and the consumption of the materials used for its production. 

With the amount of eSIM providers that are on currently the market, such as Holafly, the roaming service offered by operators when traveling abroad seems to have its days numbered.

The possibility for travelers to remain connected to the internet through international roaming gives way to the benefits offered by eSIM day by day.

And it is that advantages such as the possibility of getting a prepaid plan with an operator at your destination without any paperwork, activation simply by scanning a QR code, and the option of adjusting your budget to a series of prices depending on the days you are going to stay in other countries, makes the eSIM a safe and reliable choice.

On the other hand, a large part of current cellphones already come with integrated eSIM technology. It is estimated that from 2020 more than 70% of cellular equipment and devices that connect to local cellular internet networks will operate with this type of technology.

However, before traveling, you should check if there are operators, in the country you are traveling to, that have opposed the implementation of eSIM. This is because many of these companies want to avoid running out of customers, especially considering the ease of downloading and installing an eSIM profile from anywhere that offers a WiFi network connection.