YNSAT Awarded ESA Contract for Satellite Imagery Processing and Visualization Platform


YNSAT, a leader in Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions specializing in satellite imagery access, is thrilled to announce its recent contract win with the European Space Agency (ESA). Starting in April 2024, YNSAT will provide ESA with a subscription-based platform dedicated to satellite imagery processing and visualization, aligning with the cutting-edge capabilities of Remote Miner, YNSAT’s acclaimed SaaS product for the mining industry.

Under the terms of the contract, YNSAT will support ESA’s Earth Observation Mission Management and Ground Segment Department (EOP-G) located at the ESRIN facilities. The initial contract duration is set for 1.5 years with an option for extension, reflecting a robust commitment to long-term technological advancement and support.

“YNSAT is honored to partner with ESA, a globally respected leader in space exploration and Earth Observation,” said Víctor Moreno, CEO of YNSAT. “This collaboration is not only a testament to our deep expertise in satellite imagery but also aligns perfectly with our mission to enhance access to space-based data through innovative technological solutions.”

The platform will serve ESA employees and decision-makers at the new premises of EOP-G Department, providing them with state-of-the-art satellite imagery visualization and processing tools. Through this partnership, ESA aims to leverage YNSAT’s technological innovations, which are designed to optimize the utility of satellite data for various applications and industries such as environmental and mining.

YNSAT is committed to delivering exceptional value through this partnership, underscored by its proven track record and specialization in satellite imagery technologies. As the project progresses, both YNSAT and ESA look forward to achieving outstanding outcomes that will shape the future of satellite imagery processing and utilization.