A Catalan group invests 550.000 euros in the startup AdQuiver to continue its national growth

CEO AdQuiver Jorge Núñez
  • The company achieves the financing after having closed its first round A of financing
  • AdQuiver develops its own technology to optimize the digital advertising bidding process for travel companies

A Catalan group, with a strong presence in real estate and tourism, has invested 550.000 euros in the startup AdQuiver, the Spanish MAdTech company specialized in specific technological development in the travel sector.

As an agency and development company specialized in Data Driven Marketing for the generation of direct sales in the tourism sector, AdQuiver is unique in the development of cutting-edge technology in this field, which has allowed them to develop MoirAI 3.0.

This technological development has attracted the investment group that, being a good connoisseur of the tourism sector, has highlighted the potential and importance of the technological developments that AdQuiver is carrying out, whose platform is unique in the advertising market, both for its functionalities on continue development, as well as the data sources it ingests.

This combination, as well as its disruptive vision of the future of the travel sector, are two of the factors that have made investors choose this company.

“Having obtained this key support is the most important milestone in the still incipient history of the company,” says AdQuiver’s founder and CEO, Jorge Núñez, who explains that this monetary injection will allow the company to have funds to face growth. In addition, the new partner will provide the company with “more knowledge in the sector, attracting future clients and developing new technological projects”, he clarifies, so this round of financing has been “a complete success” for this Canarian startup that, thanks to this investment, it will be able to accelerate its expansion nationwide, increasing its team and opening new offices in the most relevant Spanish cities linked to the tourism sector.

Thanks to its team, one hundred percent Canarian, as well as this new investment and the approval of the tourism sector for its evolution by leaps and bounds and its constant innovation, AdQuiver is now in a position to firmly bet on its growth in the national territory, as a first step towards its international expansion.

Closing 2020 in growth

With a staff of almost 20 people, the company has two areas that develop their full potential. On the one hand, the smart digital advertising agency, through which the company deploys advertising campaigns in key digital channels for direct sales. AdQuiver works on the positioning of tourism companies, turning the investment it into sales through its direct digital channels.

On the other hand, the company has been developing MAdTech (Marketing and Advertising Technology) technologies for years. MoirAI, its main development, is the Technological Platform for Artificial Intelligence, Big Data and Business Intelligence developed ad hoc for the tourism sector, which allows optimizing the digital advertising bidding process to produce exponential sales in the direct digital channels of tourism companies. For this, it uses the behavioral and context data of digital tourists at origin.

Although AdQuiver’s forecasts have been upset by the health crisis derived from Covid-19, the company plans to close this year 2020 with a very significant turnover increase, in addition to the opening of a branch offices in the Peninsula and with the expansion of the team in all areas.

These movements will allow the company to continue positioning itself as a fundamental collaborator of companies and tourist destinations for the knowledge of origin and generation of direct sales.

In this sense, AdQuiver will continue to support MAdTech’s technological development, validating the strategic approach that it is taking with great commitment and turning direct sales from its customers into great results.