Antai Venture Builder seeks digital businesses to reap business success

Antai Venture Builder
  • Antai's objective is to become the leading digital business venture builder in Southern Europe and Latin America.
  • The businesses that Antai has launched, such as Mascoteros and Elma, have won awards in the "Best Marketplace" category and in the "eAwards 2019" event.

Antai Venture Builder is a startup focused on building digital business. It is born under the word for “commitment” in Japanese. The company, which has launched around twenty businesses since its founding in 2012, decided to specialize in business market analysis and thus achieve “proven success” businesses to implement in the commercial ecosystem.

The objective pursued by the company is based on “venture building”, i.e. the construction of risk. On this basis, the founders of the company, Miguel Vicente and Gerard Olivé, want to “launch companies with agility and speed”, in such a way that they can offer the user an appropriate business approach and a package of services with which they can generate an impact.

Since its creation seven years ago, Antai Venture Builder has worked to launch digital businesses. Some of the company’s successful businesses include the company Mascoteros, awarded in the category of “Best Marketplace”, and the company Elma Care, in the category of “Best Native App”, in the eWards 2019 awards.

The activity of the company is focused on “working with the best talent and to co-launch a business with customers”, according to the founders. Therefore, Antai is also dedicated to the operational management of the businesses with which it works. It is committed to the development of the business, also with the so-called “smart business”, the financial and legal support, and with the contribution of indispensable means, the search and the hiring of the necessary personnel for the growth of the business with which it decides to work.

“This involvement is what sets us apart from many other venture builders”, said Vicente and Olivé. Antai, which according to its founders, “has always had an international vision”, has managed to position the startups with which it has worked in more than twenty countries. In the words of Miguel Vicente and Gerard Olivé “our adventure is to analyze the market in search of businesses with proven success and, once identified, to implement them in other markets”.


The startup, which was launched with an investment of 1.5 million Euro in 2012, has achieved many success stories including the hyperlocal reference platform for buying and selling second-hand products with an international presence, Wallapop; and the JustBell (Glovo) platform, an urban “Marketplace” that has an immediate shipping service and allows users to track their deliveries in real time and locates the nearest Glover (order driver).

Likewise, in the last year, Antai has launched four new businesses. The company Nemuru, which defines itself as a solution for professionals in the field of home renovation and allows real time financing for its clients. Antai has also helped launch Singular Cover, a company dedicated to simple insurance with personalized cover for SMEs and the self-employed, through a purely electronic purchasing service. Valy Cosmetics, a functional cosmetics company that develops services for problems such as cellulite or localized fat, has also been a product created thanks to the activity of Antai Venture.

And finally, another of the projects that the company has launched has been Elma, the platform that manages digital health insurance in Spain.  Recently, the company has closed a round of series A funding of three million Euro, in order to promote growth and “attract talent to put it at the service of the user”.