Applivery closes a 1 million euro seed round to accelerate growth by 2024

Applivery, the innovative SaaS platform for enterprise device management, announces a 1 million euro seed funding round. This financial backing highlights the confidence that the investors Pedro Tortosa (Peak Thomas) and Lead Angels by Intelectium, have in Applivery’s mission and vision, which will allow the Madrid-based company to consolidate its presence in the Spanish market, expand its sales team and continue to revolutionize device management in the field of cybersecurity.

“We are very proud to announce this round with Pedro Tortosa and Patricio Hunt,” says César Trigo, founder & CEO of Applivery. “This investment will play a key role in our mission to become the leading device management platform in Europe and will help us accelerate our growth and expand our presence not only within Spain, but also internationally.”

Applivery is committed to the modernization of organizations’ digital processes through a proprietary technology platform, helping them to manage their devices more efficiently. At the same time, it contributes to their security and regulatory compliance, putting the employee experience before the complex traditional IT processes and drastically improving the way employees interact and engage with technology in the workplace. Its clients include big corporations, as well as startups and medium-sized companies looking to ensure the security of their corporate data and optimize the efficiency and productivity of their employees.

“Applivery perfectly represents what a modern technology company should be,” says Pedro Tortosa, founder of Peak Thomas. “It has a team of top-notch founders who are very clear about the problem they want to solve. Their goal is to build a product that is very easy to use and deploy to their customers, betting on an easily scalable cloud solution and masterfully using digital marketing to expand to customers on 5 continents. I was impressed from the very first moment by their ability to put this vision into practice”.