August ends with 48 million Euro invested in Spanish startups

The month of August ended with an accumulated investment of €48 million, distributed in a total of 18 public investment rounds in Spain. An optimistic figure given the current crisis in Spain due to the coronavirus. The accumulated investment figure is almost identical to that of 2019 at the end of August (€606.124M) and is slightly lower than that obtained at the end of the eighth month of 2020: €607.314M.

Three rounds stand out from the rest given their value: Movo, Lana and Bnext. The first of these is the operation closed by Movo, a subsidiary of Cabify, which raised €13 million thanks to the injection of the German giant Delivery Hero. In addition, the personal finance platform Lana has emerged strongly, raising €12 million thanks to the funds Base10Partners and Cathay Innovation. The third round is from one of the most promising companies in Spain, fintech Bnext, which has once again closed a new investment round worth €11 million, with many of its current investors taking part in the round: DN Capital, Redalpine, Speedinvest, Founders Future, Enern, S7V, Digital Horizons, Kreos Capital and Cometa.

If you want to know about all the public operations carried out in Spain, be sure to visit our investment history in Spain. Below are all the public investment operations in Startups during the month of August.

Movo: The German giant Delivery Hero has invested €13 million in Movo, one of the mobility subsidiaries of one of Spain’s leading startups: Cabify.

Lana: the personal finance platform designed for the traditionally under-banked population in Latin America, has announced the acquisition of 12 million dollars in a Series A financing round, led by Base10 Partners with the participation of the mobility company Cabify and the global venture capital firm Cathay Innovation (through the C. Entrepreneurs fund).

Bnext: the Spanish neo-bank has extended its Series A financing round with an extension of €11 million, in addition to the €22.5 million it raised last October. In this way, the financing round reaches €33 Million, while the total capital obtained by Bnext exceeds €40 Million.

GeoDB: the company announced excess funding of 150% of its recent collective financing campaign for Seedrs shares. It obtained a total of €1.6 million. Founded in 2018, GeoDB aims to revolutionize the way in which macro data is marketed, making the system fairer to both users and buyers.

Nostoc Biotech: dedicated to the manufacture and marketing of organic products for agriculture and gardening, the company has closed an investment round of €1.5 million. The round was led by the Fondo Bolsa Social, and also included investment from CDTI. The French fund Investir et Plus and Equity4Good, investment vehicle of the Ship2b foundation, also participated in the round.

Elma: the Spanish health technology company, which has launched the first native digital health insurance, has just closed a new round of financing to the value of €3.1 million, extending the Series A of €3 million it raised less than a year ago. The extension of the round included the participation of Mangrove Capital Partners and Antai Venture Builder.

ADmit Therapeutics: the startup developing a test for the early detection of Alzheimer’s, has closed a financing round of €785,000, led by Equity4Good, the vehicle of Ship2B.

Wygers: the eSports club dedicated to the creation, development, management and operation of equipment and activities related to sports and gaming, has successfully completed a financing round of €624,895 through Fellow Funders.

Fastbase: the company has raised a financing round of €600,000 through the Capital Cell platform in record time. The aim is to improve the effectiveness of immunotherapy against cancer.

Rokubun: the satellite navigation technology company managed to close an investment round led by The Crowd Angel with 125% of the financing objective obtaining €550,000.

Coverfy: CDTI, through its Innvierte program, together with the capital firms K Fund and Seaya Ventures has made an investment in the company Coverfy, through the granting of a convertible loan. The loan granted by the CDTI amounts to €500,000.

Ekonoke: the sustainable urban agriculture startup closed a pre-round of €422,000 with the support of family and friends, as well as Eatable Adventures and five business angels.

Doppli Connect: the company from Alicante that has devised the first device on the market that automatically detects and monitors contractions and the fetal heartbeat of the baby without the need for prior medical training. BStartup participated in a round of investment in the startup amounting to €250,000.

ProfesorCBD: the company obtained €250,000 in a round directed to the launching of two new lines of product, to the consolidation of its positioning in Spain, and to the opening of international markets and signing of talent.

Pibisi: a regtech which enables companies to comply with the regulations on the prevention of money laundering in a simple and efficient way, has raised a round of investment of €140,000 in which François Derbaix, Fernando Cabello-Astolfi, Unai Ansejo, Rafael Canales, David Lozano and Angels participated.

Poin: the startup managed to surpass the objective set for its round and in 48 hours it raised a total of €134,000. Poin is a project in which parents can rediscover the city and find, reserve and rate places and activities to enjoy with kids, at any time and from anywhere.

Biel Glasses: BHV Partners, the first health venture builder in Southern Europe, has reached an agreement with Biel Glasses, a startup created to find solutions for low vision, whereby the venture builder enters the capital of Biel Glasses.

SimpleCloud: Through its Conexo Ventures fund, the independent Iberian management company GED Capital has entered into the capital of SimpleCloud, a leading company in the transformation of the animation, video game, advertising, and special effects industries, injecting €1 million.