Baula recently raises €1.3M and readies its launch in the B2C sector

  • Since it was established in 2015 in the PCB (Barcelona Science Park), Baula has raised 1.8 million euros in public and private capital. It currently has trade agreements in 16 countries in Europe, Africa, North America and Oceania.
  • Its products are Ecocert-certified and their effectiveness has been validated by Applus and Eurofins.
  • Baula has developed an innovative technology to develop their single-dose green cleaning products, reducing to 30% on the direct costs of professional cleaning and 90% on its indirect costs, with the same or greater effectiveness as non-eco-friendly high-end products.

Baula, headquartered in the Barcelona Science Park and specializing in the development and sale of eco-friendly and sustainable products for the
cleaning industry, has closed a recent capital increase in an amount of 1.3 million euros, which saw the participation of business angels and family offices from home and abroad, as well as current shareholders.

After this injection of capital, the startup has been devoted to drawing new talent to help in the company’s expansion. Baula is currently led by Joan Casaponsa, CEO and ex-chairman of multinationals such as Lindt or Panrico, whose team includes the likes of Antoni Castelltort (Certified European

Financial Analyst, CEFA), with broad experience in capital and investment markets for startups in the growth phase. Since it was established in 2015, Baula has raised 1.8 million euros in public and private capital. At present it develops, produces and sells a wide range of green cleaning products for the professional cleaning sector (B2B) and has trade agreements in 16 countries in Europe, Africa, North America and Oceania. In Spain, it has secured clients such as BUNZL Distribution Spain, the Hygiene and Cleaning division of the BUNZL Group, with over 35 years’ experience in the Spanish market and industry leader.

“If a few years ago the challenge was having the capacity to develop a line of cleaning products that would eliminate plastics 100%, one which was also eco-friendly and sustainable and then introducing it into the professional market (B2B), now the challenge is being able to make some headway into the domestic market (B2C). Fortunately, the social demands of today are in our favor. The new Ecological Public Procurement Plan for Governmental Agencies of Spain bodes well for our future, given the fact that our products align well with the market’s commitment to the sustainable economy, and the need to eliminate plastics and reduce CO₂”, says Casaponsa.

The next steps in the growth strategy is the investment in infrastructure and machines for high production. Greater industrial capacity will allow the firm to meet the demand foreseen in the growth and internationalization plan that will be rolled out over the next 5 years. At the same time, it will be promoting research in order to develop new eco-friendly, highly effective cleaning products.


Baula is a technology startup committed to the environment with a business project rooted in R+D+i. After an intense five-year period of research in the Barcelona Science Park, the company has succeeded in developing formulas to produce any eco-friendly cleaning product in an individual capsule format (one-dose) that are effervescent and easily soluble. Its products — backed by Ecocert certification— reduce up to 40% on the direct costs and around 90% on indirect costs of professional cleaning, having the same or superior effectiveness – validated by Applus+ and Eurofins– of equivalent market-leading non-eco-friendly products.

“Our company represents a veritable revolution in the cleaning product sector, as it unleashes the start of what we call the ‘3.0 era’: effectiveness + technology + sustainability. At Baula we believe that the changes must be rooted, from the product concept to production and the way it is used, in a significant reduction in CO2 emissions and the elimination of plastics, and all with formulas that respect our environment to the utmost. We want to be a
benchmark in the eyes of the people most committed to the fight to save this planet”, affirms Jordi Caparrós, the company’s founder.

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