Ecosystem | Spanish startups
Nektria, the startup of sustainable e-commerce logistics

Nektria is a startup that develops SaaS (Software as a Service) solutions aimed at last mile for ecommerce, aligning the interests of online consumers, ecommerce, operators/logistics costs, and cities.

Ecosystem | Acceleration programs
Mentor Day, the “Google sprint” accelerator of Santa Cruz de Tenerife

Mentor Day is an acceleration program held in Santa Cruz de Tenerife. It lasts one week, is inspired by “Google sprint” and is totally free, private and non-profit. The acceleration is completed in only five days and in key sectors, working in each process of acceleration a sector.

Ecosystem | Spanish startups
Teltoo, the high quality and reliable streaming service

Teltoo is a platform that distributes high quality audiovisual content online. It is a peer-to-peer technology that helps broadcasters, ISPs and publishers improve the quality of their streaming services, increasing their bandwidth availability by up to 80%.

Ecosystem | Venture builders
Tecnalia Ventures, the venture builder that helps companies transfer their technology

Tecnalia Ventures is a venture builder belonging to the research and technological development center Tecnalia, the top center in Spain and one of the most relevant in Europe. The incubator accompanies and accelerates the business opportunities of entrepreneurs from the idea to its validation in the market.

Ecosystem | Acceleration programs
Acciona will launch its startup accelerator in Chile for all of Latin America

Acciona will launch in Chile its open innovation platform, Acciona’s I’mnovation, in September to broaden the scope of its corporate accelerator to Latin America. This program in Chile is the first to be launched outside Europe, and is intended to integrate the company’s innovation approaches developed by its Latin American teams with breakthrough technologies developed by startups and technology partners.

Startups | Spanish startups
C21 BeBrave’s watches and sunglasses marry style with Christianity

C21BeBrave is an ecommerce platform founded in 2015, selling watches, with interchangeable straps, and sunglasses. The fashion brand’s aim is to prove that “being Christian and enjoying life is compatible nowadays.”

Ecosystem | Venture Capital
Samaipata Ventures, the investment fund specialized in european marketplaces

Samaipata Ventures is a Madrid-based venture capital fully specialized in pre-seed & seed-stage marketplaces and digitally native vertical brands (DNVBs) across Southern Europe, France and the UK. Founded by José del Barrio in mid-2015, was officially registered as a venture capital firm at the beginning of 2016, the same year Eduardo Díez-Hochleitner joined the project as Chairman.

Ecosystem | Accelerators
SeedRocket is the first Spanish accelerator for tech-based startups

SeedRocket is the first accelerator for technology-based startups in Spain. It provides training, investment and mentors to boost the startup growth, as well as coworking spaces in Barcelona and Madrid.

Ecosystem | Accelerators
RTVE invests in innovation with its accelerator Impulsa Vision

Spanish Radio and Television or RTVE, the state-owned media group which is also the largest Spanish language broadcaster in the world has launched an accelerator. Impulsa Visión is an initiative with a vertical design aimed at investing in innovative and disruptive proposals in the fields of technology, content and, business management, applied to the media sector.

Ecosystem | Smart Investment
Indexa Capital, making the most of their clients’ portfolio

Indexa Capital is a Securities Agency authorized and supervised by the National Securities Market Commission. As the leading online investment management service in Spain, it is specialized on indexed management. They manage their clients’ portfolios and help them invest on index funds with low fees.