BeSoccer, the world’s largest football database


Football and everything that surrounds it attracts millions of people from all over the world every day. People interested in knowing in detail every goal, every play, every assist, every victory, or the data that helps them to understand and deepen their knowledge of the game. Moved by this interest and passion, in 2006, Manu Heredia from Malaga decided to create a digital platform called Football Results, which, as its name suggests, offered information on the results of matches. Soon, users from Spain and other countries showed a strong interest in the information offered by the platform, which boosted its growth to become what it is today: BeSoccer.

BeSoccer is the largest football database in the world, with 80% of the factual data on the internet and over 95% of the results documented from 1874 to 2020. In terms of depth, there is nothing else on the market like it, as we have 1st to 6th tier in over 200 countries, including youth competitions in most places where football is more professionally rooted,” explains Heredia.

BeSoccer fuses technology and data, through its team and proprietary technology, applying new variables that allow for more in-depth live data, as well as more detailed player statistics, own assessments of current and future sporting performance, their economic valuation in the market, the valuation of teams and competitions, and so on. All of this is managed from its own database.

As a sports application, its most commercial side (B2C) is in the Top 10 worldwide and is Top 3 in the world in the football LiveScore vertical. The company also has a B2B business model, as its BeSoccer Pro tool offers key information in the field of sports management for football clubs.
 “In B2B we have products that are contracted on a subscription basis, but we also do third-party development,” specifies its CEO and founder.

Currently, BeSoccer operates globally with its app available in eight languages: Spanish, English, French, Italian, Portuguese, German, Turkish and Thai. However, the territories where they have the highest penetration are Africa and South America. In Europe, Spain is the market where they receive the highest number of visits.


For the moment, the company founded by Manu Heredia has not needed external investment. Its growth is due solely to an aggressive policy of reinvesting profits. This strategy has allowed them to expand internationally without debt or the need to open up to financing rounds.

However, the platform has achieved several milestones that recognize the effort of years of work and its value, such as entering the Top Developer 2015 on Google Play and the Google Play Best 2016 in Spain; being the first sports app in Spain to reach 10 million downloads on Google Play in 2017; managing to break into the top apps in the Sports section of the App Store in 2017; and being part of the Top20 in the sports category in more than 60 countries around the world.

It now aims to grow in North America and Europe during 2022, as well as consolidate in South America and Africa, increasing its turnover by 50% and doubling its traffic to the BeSoccer website and app.