Semrush to acquire Kompyte, enhance competitive intelligence and sales enablement capabilities


Semrush (NYSE: SEMR), a leading online visibility management SaaS platform, today announces plans to acquire competitive intelligence automation and sales enablement platform Kompyte.

Based out of Austin, Kompyte is an AI-driven solution designed to simplify the tracking, compilation and analysis of competitor insights for sales, marketing, product development and executive teams. Its platform delivers timely, strategic insights derived through the consistent monitoring of competitors’ holistic online presence. This enables better messaging, positioning, product development, and revenue capture for both small teams and large enterprises.

“We were always looking for a MarTech product that uses market data to bring other teams to the table,” said Eugene Levin, Chief Strategy and Corporate Development Officer at Semrush. “Kompyte is exactly that and can be used by almost every department: marketers can monitor the best campaigns across their industry to find inspiration, product teams can monitor critical feature updates of their competitors and changes in pricing, and sales teams can use battle cards to improve their win rate vs. other industry players.”

The acquisition will expand Semrush’s ability to help its customers beyond their marketing departments, especially considering 88% of Kompyte’s total user base falls within sales organizations. Existing and future customers can optimize their sales efforts and achieve higher win rates in competitive deals using tools like battle cards, which provide virtually real-time information about how their product or service compares to their competitors.

“We are thrilled to be joining Semrush, a company that is known industry-wide as a leader in the MarTech space,” said Pere Codina, Co-founder and CEO, Kompyte. “We believe Kompyte has had the best competitive intelligence technology in the industry, and now with the backing of a powerhouse like Semrush, we look forward to advancing our innovation and helping to ensure the highest value to our customers as, together, we redefine the Competitive Intelligence and sales enablement category.”

The acquisition will also further extend the Semrush .Trends functionality, accelerating its competitive intelligence product offerings. Businesses are no longer up against just a few competitors, which is why it is key to have high quality competitive intel as the foundation for a strong go-to market strategy. Kompyte’s platform offers a centralized hub for all competitor information to improve win rates, gain an advantage over competitor products and features, and save time on manual tracking.

“Kompyte is the perfect product to upsell to our existing customers who already use our competitive intelligence features,” added Levin. “With an average ARR per customer of about $20,000, there’s a great opportunity for us to elevate our customers to the next level.”