Cuarta Planta, the effective platform for rental management

Cuarta Planta

Cuarta Planta is a Rental Management platform developed entirely for the owner, allowing an easy, intuitive, and transparent management advised by a team of professionals.

Its founders, Pedro Casals and Axel Torelló created this company in 2019. They looked for a name that was easy to remember, linked to the real estate world, that was fresh, modern, and with a certain appeal. “Cuarta Planta seemed perfect. It is easy and has a hook, you immediately relate it to the real estate world, and it is on a Fourth Floor where we started and developed our platform”, say the entrepreneurs.

Cuarta Planta offers a new form of relationship between tenant, owner, and manager. In addition to completely new concepts in this sector such as Pay per Use, co-management, and fixed rates. The startup is also the first management platform focused directly on the landlord, with a professional support team specialized in the real estate world.

Today, its business model is based on rethinking the needs, requirements, and processes of rental management for private landlords. The objective is to modernize and adapt this traditional business, usually carried out by property managers, to modern times. “Thus, our client is the final owner, so we are in a B2C model,” they point out.

Based on a detailed analysis of the processes, the platform has improved and automated management to the fullest. It has also carried out an analysis of each business process, which allows them to offer both flat rates and pay-per-use, as well as different rental management models, from self-management to complete rental management, including intermediate models of shared management. Thus, they are a combination of a SaaS and an Integral Online Management, according to the needs of the owner, but always with the proper support of its team of professionals.

Working on the basis of a platform with online access, and with a communications module, gives them the possibility of having a scalable model, greatly expanding their customer base, and expanding nationwide. All this without the need for costly structures. They also offer marketing services, renovations, legal advice, insurance, etc., in order to cover the entire life cycle of a property rental.

To date, Cuarta Planta has not required any investment. All the development has been with its own capital and has been destined mainly to the platform (which has been created from scratch), as well as to marketing and advertising. Now its focus is on consolidating its expansion in Barcelona and, subsequently, starting its expansion in the rest of Spain, beginning with Madrid and other large metropolitan areas.