Dinbeat receives a 500.000 euro round of investment from business angels

Dinbeat Team
  • The Barcelonan startup created the first multiparametric and wireless harness for pets, that allows veterinarians to monitor in real time.
  • Supported by IQS Tech Factory, Barcelona Activa y Acció, the company is working alongisde the Germans Trias i Pujol Hospital to validate their monitor technology on humans to help prevent COVID-19.

Dinbeat, startup specialised on the development of innovative tech products for pets, received a 500,000 euro round of investment. This round, that was completely articulated into convertible notes, was supported by current partners, IESE, Afintia, Accelgrow investors; professionals from the veterinarian healthcare sector and more business angels.

Dinbeat launched Dinbeat UNO, a wireless device that monitors pet health in real time, collecting information on electrocardiogram, heart rate, breathing per minute and temperature, among other metrics, in late 2019. One of the main added values of this device is that it allows veterinary clinics to monitor non-sedated animals.

This expansion allowed the company to receive an Enisa Crecimiento fund to reinforce its internationalization strategy during 2020. In addition, it will be able to expand its team, in areas such as marketing, sales and development, and validate its technology for use humans at the Germans Trias i Pujol Hospital, also known as Can Ruti.

Talía Bonmatí, Dinbeat CEO and Founder said: “With this round of investment, Dinbeat hopes to consolidate its position in the veterinary sector in 2020, and open a new line of human health business in 2021, once the technology is validated for human use. Telemedicine is here to stay and we want to lead the change. ”

Application to monitor human health

The company was contacted at the end of March and in the heat of the COVID-19, by Doctors Without Borders and the Germans Trias i Pujol Hospital, to find out if said technology could be used to monitor humans during the COVID-19 pandemic. Such contact happened thanks to IQS Tech Factory, IQS’s industrial accelerator, where Dinbeat participated in its 2018 program.

The company, which has developed this remote health monitoring tool, immediately started working with Can Ruti to add this new functionality and adapt its technology for human use, thus creating Dinbeat Life, a telemedicine tool that will allow, very soon, remote patient control in many situations, senior centers, field hospitals, etc. This device allows to control as many patients as needed from the same central control unit, also receiving alerts when any patient requires medical attention, will open up endless possibilities for remote patient control. David Priego, who will be responsible for leading the clinical validation part of Dinbeat Life by the Can Ruti Hospital, was also in charge of the validation of the SEAT respirators.

Dinbeat has received support from entities such as CDTI, Enisa, Acció, Barcelona Activa, IQS, UAB, Microsoft for Startups, Google for Startups, Garage + Asia, Esade, the University of Murcia, and Animal Biosciences, a company Owned by Life Biosciences, a Boston-based business group that focuses its investments in the health field and with which it closed its first round of investment in late 2018.

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