DOST closes its first €430,000 round led by Draper B1


DOST faces 2022 raising icloses its first €430,000 round led by Draper B1, with the collaboration of Successful Fund SPV, and the support of Lánzame Capital and Business Angels with a long history in the startup ecosystem. They are Christophe Primault (Founder of GetApp, ex-Managing VP at Gartner), Luis Cortes (Head of Sales and Marketing at Red Hat; Co-Founder of Bcombinator), Erik Brieva (CEO at Strands and Co-founder of Bcombinator) and Bart Huisken; key pillars for the correct development of a long-term strategy and solid fundamentals created from the beginning in the company, thus expanding its team and the international experience of the founders.

Enrique Penichet, Founding Partner of Draper B1 comments: “In Dost we saw the perfect team: multidisciplinary and multinational, with great experience and contacts in the project field, while they had already worked together for years. In the short life of the startup, they had proven to be agile and customer-focused. It fits very well with the Draper B1 philosophy, which is a team with knowledge, vision and global ambition.” Referring to the founding team. “In addition we saw a big opportunity bringing AI and non-code RPA solutions to medium and small companies. That’s why, in addition to investing we helped Dost find the partners to go with us.” Adds Enrique Penichet.

After having closed this investment round, Dost is looking to keep growing nationally and internationally, so they will allocate these material and economic resources to expand the development, marketing and sales team.

Dost introduces the concept of the Dost Digital Brain, or digital workers, with the ability to read, think, sense and act like a human. Thanks to digital workers the workforce will become a more strategic, efficient and effective asset while automating financial, operational and related processes. They want to democratize artificial intelligence and process automation and make digital workers accessible to all companies, regardless of its size. Currently Dost is already able to automatically process invoices, delivery notes, orders and other types of documents and has integrations with market leading ERPs such as SAP, Dynamics or Netsuite, cloud ERPs such as Quickbooks and also new players such as Holded.

Luis I. Cortés, investor and mentor of DOST, emphasizes that “Artificial intelligence (AI) is finally available to companies thanks to DOST”. He continues, “DOST has a young and bright team that pleasantly surprises us every day. With the new partners DOST is firmly positioned for international growth.”

The company headed by Adam Barbera, Fernando Martín and Naqqash Abbassi, entered the ranking of the 50 startups with more projection of Catalonia in the Catalan Pitch Competition 2021, where different promising companies are collected with the aim of connecting them with the world of private investment.

Among the milestones of this still young company, after having gone through the Bcombinator program, we highlight the incorporation of Dost in the acceleration program of Microsoft for Startups, taking a step forward in the consolidation of their idea and the possibility of scaling rapidly in the sector, joining its marketplace, both nationally and internationally. In addition, they facilitate integration with all Microsoft 365 products, including its ERP Dynamics. It will use Microsoft Azure and its services to reach a large-scale audience in a short time, with built-in redundancy and security. In this way, Dost will accelerate its process towards the democratization of Artificial Intelligence and process automation, to make Digital Coworkers accessible to all organizations.

It’s also worth mentioning the incorporation of new clients to Dost’s portfolio, such as Condals Group, a reference in the automotive sector, companies that are trusting the project from the beginning. This means setting new challenges and thinking big, such as an expansion into the United States, as well as gaining notoriety in the European sector.

“Since our inception, we’ve always been committed to innovation as a basis for the improvement of our company. Thanks to Dost and its Digital Brain, we’ve managed to automate and gain efficiency in the billing area of our company. Having a solid and reliable work tool for such a delicate area is a great advantage with which to face our digital transformation”, says David de la Cruz, CIO of Condals Grup.