Emérita Legal closes its first round of funding for €260.000 in a record time

Emérita Legal
  • Emérita Legal’s aim is to convert judicial BigData on accessible information through AI technologies usage.

Emérita Legal was founded in 2017 by Galician (north-west Spain) entrepreneurs. It is the first analytics and judicial rating platform in Spain, a legaltech startup which uses judicial data to reveal information about lawyers, courts, judges, and other court parts never before available. Emérita Legal even takes specific cases information for the benefit of lawyers and regular legal users.

Since their launch on January 2019 they have revolutionized the legal sector with a viral and mainly organic growth. More than 250.000 single users have visited their website and more than 1400 lawyers have joined Emérita Legal’s rankingin order to improve their IRJ (an algorithm-made punctuation code created by themselves) and compete for the best ratings giving their court resolutions.

Recently they have been awarded as the best legaltech startup in 2019 by Consejo General de la Abogacía Española (General Council of Spanish Lawyers) in cooperation with Mobile World Capital Barcelona on their national Congress in Valladolid on May 11.


At the moment, only after 5 months of their market debut, Emérita Legal has just closed their round of funding needed to get to the next stage on their business model. Their aims over the next 12 months are reinforcing lawyers’ visibility by adding new Premium features, keep creating new products (courts, judges, enterprises…) that could help lawyers on a daily basis, as well as expanding their business across borders over France and Italy. This last goal would strength their database impact and lawyers’ financial projections internationally.

The entrepreneurs started this round of funding on Startupxplore having €100.000 as a goal, but the maximum €125.000 allowed by the CNMV (Stock Market National Commision) was far surpassed in only 4 days, and added to those €135.000 achieved by other means such as private investors.

Emérita Legal’s intention is definitely to be the reference for users and lawyers when looking for judicial information giving real transparency to the legal sector. In short, their modus operandi is toconvert the judicial BigData on accessible informationthrough AI technologies usage.