Erudit AI raises $500K of seed capital, spearheaded by TheVentureCity

Erudit AI Founders

The artificial intelligence startup Erudit AI Inc. has obtained $500K of seed capital within its first three months of existence. The company, incorporated in the United States and headquartered in Madrid, has already joined The Venture City’s “Growth” program.

Its SaaS enables well-being management of large teams of employeesin real time. Thanks to their proprietary neural networks, it collects the information generated by employees during the work day, and transforms the data into knowledge on theiremotional state and personality.

These API-integrated neural networksare compatible with corporate tools such as Gmail, Slack, Skype, and Zoom, among many others.

Erudit AI currently works with several clients and partners, including the likes of KPMG, Telefónica, Boston Scientific, Banamex and IBM. The investment will seek to increase the robustness of the product, scaling it from different paid pilots to global contracts with different companies.


Erudit AI was founded by Alejandro Martínez Agenjo (CEO) and Ricardo Michel Reyes (CTO). Both of them have gained prior experience in over 8 startups and have worked in Mexico, Switzerland and Silicon Valley. They are currently members of the organization IA2030, and have developed and implemented several AI strategies for the British and Mexican governments.

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