Ezzing Solar boosts its business with a 4.5 millions euros financing round

Ezzing Solar - Alberto Cortés y Víctor Sancho[1]

Ezzing Solar, a technology company in the renewable energy sector, will continue its international expansion after the 4.5 million euros financing round.

One of the main objectives of this injection is that Ezzing Solar can expand its international presence and is definitely getting settled in Europe and America, increasing its workforce and reinforcing its local structure.

In Europe, Ezzing Solar highlights its presence in Spain, Italy, the Netherlands and Hungary and with this capital boost it will surely expand expand to France, Germany, the United Kingdom and other European countries with great incentives for distributed generation, taking advantage from the boost of renewable energies in the different markets after COVID-19.

Ezzing already operates in America, having an important presence in Brazil and Mexico. There, they have signed recently an agreement with Canacintra, the largest representative of the national industrial sector, for the development of photovoltaic energy distributed throughout the country by using its more than 50,000 affiliated companies.

In the technological part, emphasis will be placed on continuing to be at the foref ront of technological development in the sector, with very important and innovative achievements in areas such as the application of artificial intelligence to attract new customers, the automated design of photovoltaic installations or the management of shared consumption communities.