Galeneo Health closes a €1 million investment round led by Ship2B Ventures


Allowing doctors and healthcare facilities to offer cutting-edge, efficiently coordinated, and patient-tailored at-home hospitalization is the primary goal of Galeneo, a company born in Madrid that has recently closed a one-million-euro investment round. With the closure of this round, the Galeneo team aims to scale sales nationally and improve its technological platform.

The round has been led by impact investment manager Ship2B Ventures through the BSocial Impact Fund, the largest impact investment fund for startups in Spain, backed by the European Investment Fund, Banco Sabadell, and AXIS, and has seen participation from other previous company partners.

The funds will be allocated to, on one hand, consolidating the B2B model for both clinics and hospitals and expanding collaborations with the public sector and the pharmaceutical industry. On the other hand, they intend to continue developing their platform, improving the patient and family experience and streamlining interactions with various healthcare professionals and providers integrated into the decentralized hospital being developed.

According to Jaime García-Prieto, founder and CEO of Galeneo, “Our mission is for a doctor to manage their patients from anywhere, ensuring continuity of care and the same quality that their patients have when they are admitted to their hospital ward.”

Since its launch in 2021, Galeneo has provided over 18,000 medical services, enabling more than 1,000 patients and their families to enjoy quality hospitalization in the comfort of their homes. All of their hospitalization services are conducted under medical prescription and supervision and involve some of the most prestigious healthcare centers and doctors nationally and internationally among their collaborators and prescribers.

According to Jordi Ferrer, Director of Investments at Ship2B Ventures, “Galeneo is a pioneering decentralized hospitalization project in Spain, with significant social impact on three levels: First, patients can have a better recovery from the convenience and warmth of their homes; Second, it achieves better work-life balance for families by avoiding hospital visits; and third, the hospital system increases its capacity cost-effectively without having to invest in more infrastructure.”

Galeneo facilitates more comfortable, secure, and efficient hospital care beyond the walls of traditional hospitals.

The increase in the aging population due to biomedical advancements results in a rise in the number of patients, their chronicity, and consequently, long-term social and healthcare expenses. It is projected that these expenses will double globally by 2050 and even surpass the GDP of some developed countries if this situation is not reversed.

A significant part of the problem lies in hospitalization costs, which, according to ministry data, exceed €700 per patient per day. Promoting initiatives that prevent patient hospitalization and ensure early discharge without jeopardizing their health is imperative for society.

Projects like Galeneo, which promotes decentralized hospitalization, optimize the use of hospital resources only for those patients who truly need them. Decentralized hospitalization has proven to be, on one hand, scalable during the pandemic thanks to technological progress; on the other hand, it can reduce hospitalization expenses per patient by up to 30%; and most importantly, it is safer, more comfortable, and more convenient for patients.

For Jaime García-Prieto, “Having the support of a prestigious impact fund like Ship2B Ventures gives us confidence and motivation in what we do and what we can achieve.”

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