GoHub Accelerator kicks off its second edition with six startups that boost sustainable industrial digitization

GoHub Accelerator

GoHub,  Global Omnium’s open innovation has incorporated six new deep tech startups into the second edition of its acceleration program, which is distinguished by a completely tailored approach to each company and personalizeaccompaniment throughout the process.

GoHub Accelerator’s six new startups

Logístiko: it offers a Software as a Service (SaaS) platform to efficiently   manage last mile logistics delivery andmonitor shippingroutes, eliminating uncertainty during deliveries, reducing cost, and bringing a novel customer experience.

Wenalyze: it is a data analytics platformthat provides real-time information    tohelp banks and insurers   accelerate and automate hiring processes, aswell as optimize the risk assessment of their business customers by analyzing open data sources.

AR Vision: it develops products of immersive technologies such as augmented, virtual and mixed reality tailored to all types of businesses, such as hospitality, commerce, cultural activities, tourism or automotive. Its platform allows the customer to include this technology autonomously on any physical media and device.

Datavision: its AIOps based operational intelligence platform recopiles and analyzes all of a company’s data from multiple sources – applications, networks, cloud services, or IoT devices – and creates visual dashboards for more efficient business decision-making in information technology operations.

LastBasic: turn technological ideas and prototypes into real products through a collaborative platform for hardware entrepreneurs who co-develop their creations with experts.

Think Outside: the Norwegian-based startup s has developed the SNOWi Solution, a hardware as a service that obtains real-time data to measure the amount of snow and thaw in order to plan the power supply of power companies or predict avalanche.