Influencity, the software that develops Influencer Marketing campaigns


Influencity is a startup that uses a software to analyze millions of influencers to develop Influencer Marketing campaigns in a powerful and effective way.

The company was founded in 2014 by Daniel Sánchez (CEO) and Clara Montesinos (Communication Director), who created the concept as a “meeting place” for influencers. Influencity was created from the idea of the “city of influencers”.

Influencity’s value proposition is technology. “In a market that is growing by leaps and bounds, innovation to offer its clients software aligned with the needs of the market is the company’s main task,” says the Influencity team.

Which is why the business model followed by the company is a SaaS model. The software is a powerful tool when it comes to gathering and organizing the relevant information for the decision making of a campaign. Its segmentation possibilities and the data it provides are valuable, and allow you to choose influencers objectively, and using data, because it presents the influencer profiles and their audience in a detailed way.

Influencity’s software translates into a control center for our clients’ influencer marketing campaigns. In addition, Influencity offers a consulting service for clients which helps make strategic campaign decisions.


Likewise, they help their clients to obtain the best influencers for the campaign by shuffling different values, such as the impact on the target, the price, and any other variable that may have an effect on a better result.

Thanks to its technology, campaigns are much more effective, since they analyze each influencer’s audience on their social media networks, which allows brands and agencies to focus much more on a specific target and therefore, obtain greater performance.

To date, the startup has only needed one round of investment. When the company created Influencer Marketing, it was a new sector in full evolution. Influencity invested that capital in finding its product market fit. Influencity’s investors and business angels include Banco Sabadell, Demium StartUps, and BA de Esade.

It has also received several awards since its creation, such as
“Most Innovative Iab 2016″, “Best Start Up Banco Sabadell, BStartup 2016”, “Most Innovative’ Start Up Award from Inspirational 2016”; One of the 100 Best Start Ups of South Summit 2018; Finalist for Best Startup Mobile World Congress 2017; or the “Spain Tech Center Award from South Summit 2018”.

Influencity currently operates in the southern region of the European continent on a permanent basis, with occasional operations in the USA and the central region of Europe. However, as its main objective, the company has set itself the goal of scaling to become the world leader in Influencer Marketing in the coming months.