Hotelinking, the TravelTech company focused on marketing and loyalty in the hotel

Fundadores Hotelinking
  • Hotelinking is an automation platform for direct marketing and customer loyalty for the hotel sector.
  • In 24 months the company has managed to connect more than 5 million travelers with its brands, achieving savings in commissions of 8 million Euro.

Hotelinking’s activity focuses on the hotel sector. The company is responsible for connecting with accommodations around the world and offering management and distribution. At the same time, the company was created through the collaboration of Daniel Alzina, one of the founders and CEO, who has been a product manager and sales professional with 10 years of experience in the travel and tourism industries. And Xisco Lladó, also founder of Hotelinking and CTO. He is also an expert in environmental art and has developed web projects for large companies in the tourism sector.

Through its digital strategy, Hotelinking allows hotels to have a large number of guest bookings, as well as increase the management of accommodation. It also allows users to control their accommodation and it have everything in place. Finally, as far as distribution is concerned, Hotelinking considers it essential to have a model in this area, so they have covered the range of possibilities, from mobile devices to social networks, including OTA connections, through a channel manager. The company was founded in Majorca in 2016 and has now positioned itself as one of the fastest growing TravelTech companies. Hotelinking has 1,000 hotels, and in one year has managed to connect more than 5 million travelers with its brands, allowing a saving in commissions of 8 million Euro.

The company’s team is made up of more than 35 employees who have managed more than 7 million direct sales generated through the platform. This has resulted in a penetration of 60% of the hotel chains in Spain.


Hotelinking was awarded one of the 10 best marketing automation technologies in the world, by the CIO magazine of the United States, in 2016. It also won the 14th edition of the Eureka awards, given by Palma City Council, in 2016. Along the same lines, it was the third finalist in the Tourism and Tech category of the national Entrepreneur XXI awards organized by CaixaBank and Enisa this year. And finally, it has also won the Entrepreneur XXI Awards for the Best Company in the Balearic Islands, presented by the Ministry of Science and Innovation, in 2017.