Jobin App, connecting professional labor and customer’s needs

Jobinapp spanish startup
  • Jobin App's founders want to expand their business to more European countries.

Jobinapp is an online and on-demand app that matches professional labor with local user’s demands, allowing their clients to find immediate help with everyday tasks and issues, ranging from house cleaning and handyman work to plumbers and electricians. 

Through their own platform, they help their customers choose the best professionals according to their budget and location, and give them the chance to check the reviews written by their online community, making sure that the dots are well connected and that their customers receive the best attention. “We provide qualified leads to our professionals network with a reliable online review based platform”.

They believe that this system helps improve the Jobin user experience, while helping their customers find a good and fast solution. In addition, a few months ago the company announced an agreement with Allianz, a key insurance company, through which they will be able to provide their customers with civil liability insurance in order to cope with problems that could arise, raising the bar when it comes to their customers´ expectations. 

Jobinapp was founded in 2015 by Jorge Oliveros, Guillermo Angeles and Alejandro Tebar, who had established a clear goal: to make Jobin App the leader in the Home Assistance sector.


Although Jobin App was surprisingly launched without an initial investment, it recently got a round of investment which left them 380,000€ thanks to different business angels and investors.  The round of investment was divided in several parts: they we are able to get external financing through private agents and a Family Office in Barcelona and settled up a crowdfunding campaign through The Crowd Angel platform.

The amount was used to cover their team needs, attracting passionate and talented people “that are actually a plus to the company and will walk with us to the top” while putting in place their Marketing Strategy in order to define their user acquisition plan.

Given their success in some of Spain’s biggest cities, Jobin App’s founders want to expand their business to more European countries, and will start their expansion through South Europe.