Impulsa Vision Startups by RTVE has launched its 5th Edition

Impulsa Vision
  • Fith Call for Impulsa Vision Startups RTVE's accelerator program

Impulsa Vision Startups, the startup´s accelerator program, a reference in the Spanish audiovisual industry and public sector, has presented and opened its fifth edition for the projects’ presentations.

As in previous editions, are invited to participate all those freelance professionals and startups (micro-SMEs) who can contribute with useful and innovative initiatives applicable to the audiovisual sector in the following fields: technological, content and/or business organization and production processes.

The deadline for sending startup projects is December 22nd, 2019.  Those selected will participate in the nine months acceleration program and will be endowed with 30.000 euros.


The acceleration period, in which the startups will be involved its about nine months from the date that is stated in the enterprise agreement. Anyways, this period may be extended by mutual agreement for up to a maximum of three additional months.

On the one hand, RTVE will provide a Madrid-based location for startups selected by their projects, giving them the means to work for the time set.

RTVE will also provide startups with basic furniture (table, chairs and wardrobe), Internet access, supply of light and air conditioning, cleaning, maintenance and conservation of the centre. So as other services such as,  surveillance system, meeting room (shared use), printer, photocopier and scanner. At the same time, each space is available for a maximum of four people, exceptionally, and taking into account the type of projects and the number of entrepreneurs, the use of one or more spaces may be granted to a single company.

In the same way, the use of the same space will be destined to several different startup projects, in order to enable the joint use of the the same. RTVE will provide those media specific to the audiovisual sector that necessary for the realisation of the project.

RTVE will support the startups in the undertaking, putting their knowledge of the environment and providing the ‘coaching’ of its employees. For professionals, it will also support startups in their relations with third parties by exploiting their synergies in the audiovisual field. RTVE will support, as far as possible, the internationalisation of startups in order to promote the development of a culture of peace and the development of a culture of peace. Some colabs will be with the European Broadcasting Union (EBU) and the Commission of the European Union.