JDA offers more than 30 years of experience and international reach

JDA law firm
  • The firm that offers a wide range of solutions and highly talented professionals.

JDA Assessors Consultors Professionals, or JDA, is a law firm, tax and labour advisors and business consultants with more than 30 years of experience.

Founded in 1982 by economist Joan Díaz, JDA has since expanded, and today includes Joan Roura, Jordi Díaz, Miguel Orellana, Sílvia Sallarés, Dolors Alamà, Josep Mª Caballero, Joan Anton Sànchez Carreté and Laura Bujons as associates.


With more than 100 specialized professionals, JDA is one of the top ten professional services companies in Catalonia and occupies the 41st position among the top 100 professional firms in Spain, according to the Expansión 2018’s Lawyers.  In 2016 JDA received the award for the best company at Business Growth and Quality by the UEI (Unió Empresarial Intersectorial).

JDA is also a member of SFAI, a recognized international network with more than 200 offices and 3,000 professionals across 70 countries. SFAI is one of the 27 firms with full member status at the Forum of Firms of IFAC, hence a transnational audit firm. SFAI is also part of the United Nations Global Compact.


What makes JDA different from others is their commitment to satisfy their customers, addressing their needs and overcoming their expectations by employing a wide range of knowledge and skills in search for the best analysis and solution. The firm operates in multiple sectors (from financial to public sector, health or entrepreneurial) and offers a wide range of services (ex: tax, audit, compliance, strategic HR solutions, and legal solutions, among others).

It is their multifaceted approach, whereby JDA employs great professional talent, coordinates multiple areas and several working teams that enables this firm to offer their customers the most advanced technological solutions on the market.


With a portfolio of more than 2.000 customers, JDA operates in Spain where it has three offices in Barcelona, one in Granollers and one in Sabadell. However, belonging to SFAI makes JDA an international firm of recognized prestige, giving it a chance to offer global solutions to their customers.

At the same time JDA remains a local office, close clients. This status allows JDA to preserve their independence and meet any requirement derived from both local and international activities.

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