Liquats Vegetals joins forces with Ypsicon to develop new plant-based beverages

  • From left to right: Dr. Buenaventura Guamis, co-founder and President of Ypsicon; Josep Mª Erra, founder and CEO of Liquats Vegetals; David Guamis, Co-Founder and CTO of Ypsicon; Alex Guamis, co-founder and CEO of Ypsicon; Leo Moreta, co-founder and CMO of Ypsicon

The Spanish leader in the plant-based drinks sector, Liquats Vegetals, and Ypsicon Advanced Technologies have announced the signing of an agreement aimed at the development and market testing of a new generation of high added-value plant-based products, through the implementation of UHPH technology in the production process of Liquats Vegetals. This new technology is based on continuous ultra-high pressure and physical forces, and it offers drinks and liquid foods with a long shelf life, without thermal damage and with improved nutritional and sensory properties.

Ypsicon, formed as a technology-based company at the Autonomous University of Barcelona, ​​holds the exclusive commercialization rights of UHPH sterilization technology. The innovative system marketed by Ypsicon is patented in the world’s main markets. The company points out that this technology applied to beverages and liquid foods “allows obtaining products with a better color, aroma and flavor. UHPH products are easier to digest, and their vitamins and other heat-sensitive nutritional components are better preserved. UHPH-treated products are more similar to raw, untreated products, and they do not require additives or preservatives, so they are also more natural”.

Ypsicon is preparing the large-scale launch of this technology, relying on commercial agreements with leading food companies in key markets, as well as on a new funding round currently underway to finance its growth.

Liquats Vegetals has brands such as YoSoy, a leading brand in the Spanish market, YoSoy Ecológico, Monsoy, Almendrola and Natrue, and it produces soy, oat, almond and rice drinks, among others, which it sells in Spain and exports to more than 25 countries. In 2020, Liquats Vegetals grew by 30% in turnover to exceed € 80 million, in a context of strong global demand growth for plant-based products.